SuperSana Runs Before 9am

I want to start off by saying that I am so happy that I finally have a group of people to run with. I could seriously cry.

It’s hard to find people that actually want to workout on a consistent basis and it’s even more difficult to find people that are at a similar fitness level.


It is for that reason that I found myself wide awake AND excited to run at 6:59am when I had set my alarm for 7am.

I will also say this, people that wake up at 7am on a WEEKEND to run are insane. I am one of those people.

Did I mention that I did not actually fall asleep until 2am (perks of being a college student for life)?

But yea, my running group was meeting up at 8am to run a practice 5k and I knew I could not pass up the opportunity to run with my coach and other members of the group.

I have to be honest I was super anxious going into the run, but I am so glad I ended up going. Getting back into shape is fun most of the time, but I do second guess myself. And I am glad I am able to run/walk a 5k.

I don’t think I have run 3.1 miles since May of 2011, and I was worried about getting left behind on the trail.

I have no idea how many of you guys run alone! But Columbia is pretty amazing, soo many people were out running on a Saturday morning.

It almost made me wish I was a morning exerciser. I realize my blog is turning into a slow runner blog but, honesty I could not be happier. I finally have people to runnnnnnnn with!


I was pretty much in my head for the duration of the run and only talked a few times to the women around me. We did 3 minutes of running and 1 minute of walking for the entire 5k and while I must say that I was running at an easy pace  and I wish I could have just run the whole thing.

It was annoying to walk while I was in the zone of the run. My least favorite part of any run is when you stop and walk, you just feel awful. And to do that every 3 minutes was messing with me a bit.

I know it’s important to build up a base for a beginner runner like I am but, I don’t know if I enjoy the run/walk method for anything over 1.5 miles.

I actually ended up just walking the last .25 miles because I was starving and just felt weak. I know you don’t really need to fuel for a 5k but I wish I had a little snack with me.


After the run, I spent the rest of my day eating. How do people run marathons and not have to eat an entire buffet?

I only ran 3 miles and I could not get my hands on enough food, I also had no appetite until lunch time so that was fun.

Breakfast coffee and fruit!




Lunch a few leftover Popchips and some baked ziti



Snack Honey crisp apple


Dinner split spinach+ artichoke dip and fish tacos




Dessert Black and White Cookie with a decaf salted caramel


This may be the only time I get up at 7 am to run, it’s only 9:56pm and I am ready for bed!

If you run more than 3 miles, how do you keep yourself from eating the entire fridge????

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12 Responses to SuperSana Runs Before 9am

  1. Kat says:

    Awesome! I had a rough time waking up early for runs but when I found a great group of girls to meet up it made me accountable :)

  2. Early morning runs are so fun!! It’s so worth it to get up early. I try to eat foods with a lot of protein — it keeps me full for longer. :)

    • Sana says:

      I have trouble eating first thing in the morning, after that I am good to go.
      I just love feeling so productive first thing in the morning.

  3. What a neat idea! My girlfriend and I hike EVERY saturday and that has kept us both motivated no matter what (2 am party sesh..) haha! So glad you found a group! You should do a group bio :) Love and Shine CourtStar

  4. Luna665 says:

    This is awesome!!It’s so nice to have a group of people to run with! And I love running in the morning, it just sets the pace for the day (well, not today that it was pitch dark outside, but still!) Ever since I started running I gained weight because I finally have an appetite. I barely ate before though (was around 90 lbs scheleton boy-ish surviving on skimmed milk and coffee), so for me it was some kind of “mental balance” that I finally found. After running I try to stay away from sugars as they will make me famished, and rather eat vegetables/proteins/fat (greek yoghurt, tofu, spinach salad with tomatoes and cheese,almonds, stuff like that.)

    • Sana says:

      I am kinda glad that running has given me an appetite. I was having trouble getting hungry since my stomach shrank from fasting in Aug for religious reasons.
      Greek yogurt and tofu rule!

  5. Floey says:

    You are hardcore! Yay for 2am sleepers, but I think it’ll be awhile before I’m up at 7am to run.

  6. Marilyn says:

    I kind of think the getting-to-feel-good-about-eating-more thing is one of my favorite parts of running. :-)