Hanging With Friends

Gah, I really do love this time of the year, how many times have I said this already? The holiday season means that all my friends are home and it’s nice to be able to catch up on all of their lives.

And do fun things with them.

Last week Minerva and I met up for a run/walk session and some dinner.image


The weather was super chilly but we were able to run the first two miles and walk the last two. Since we were walking for the second loop around the lake near my house, we were able to snap some fun pictures.image




Since we stopped to take the pictures we were out in the cold longer than expected and were shivering and starving by the time we got back to my house.

After some pre-dinner snacks and an outfit change we headed out to dinner! The best part about hanging out with Minerva is that we always follow a physical activity up with some food.

It really is so wonderful to have a workout buddy that understands the importance of a good meal post-workout.image

For dinner we went to Great Sage for one of the best meals I have had in a long time. Good company, excellent waiter and awesome food!






Chocolate Lava cake with coconut based vanilla ice cream. Seriously good food!

The following day I met up with some of my childhood/high school friends at UNOS.

20121227_214457 (1)





I ordered some mozzarella sticks and Ne England clam chowder. Oh and this epic chocolate chip cookie for dessert. I don’t think we ended up finishing it all.

Let’s be honest. Having friends is just an excuse to be able to go out to eat.

I don’t always do the best job of keeping in touch with my friends, we are all pretty busy but it is nice that we always make the effort to get together when we can.

Do you keep in touch with your friends, or try and catch up during breaks and the holiday season?

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9 Responses to Hanging With Friends

  1. I’m bad at keeping in touch, which is obvious since I haven’t seen you in forevvvvvvvvvvvver.

  2. Steph says:

    That hummus plate looks scrumptious! And the lava cake? Whoa baby! Yum!!!

  3. Rose says:

    Sana: you look so bright & happy! Glad you got to spend some time with an old friend. Your lake photographs look familiar. Is that the 5-mile Lake Loop near Columbia, MD? I forget the name, but it just brought back some great memories of half-marathon training back in 2009!

  4. Ameena says:

    Happy New Year Sana! It’s been a while since I’ve commented but I read all of your posts…hope 2013 is off to a great start for you!