Running Around

Only when a good friend of mine reminded me that I first started running this past August, did I realize how far I had come in my running journey.

My running journey has not been easy but it has been so much fun! And- I could have never done it alone.

I do run for myself but I love running with other people and strangers.

I have loved the past two runs simply because they were difficult, I was running a higher mileage, and because I got to run with other people.

I am a member of the Howard County Striders running club. The group has several group runs throughout the week, along with cheap races on the weekend! I can’t always make it to the group runs, but this past Tuesday I was able to make it to a hill workout.1357681918086

I can’t even walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded so running three miles of hills was not easy for me.

Since I was new to the running route I had no idea how much longer I had to keep going up the hill.Screenshot_2013-01-15-14-13-51

It did help that I could see the rest of my running group in front of me and I knew that they would not leave me behind.

It was so nice that once, I made my way up the hill, I saw a friendly face telling me which direction I needed to go next.

Since I was mentally struggling with the run, I know for a fact that I would have not been able to finish out as strongly had I been running alone.20130108_172037

If you are new to running or are looking for a running challenge- I highly recommend joining a running group.

I have to admit at first I was nervous about running with strangers. I did not know if I would get lost, slow them down or if I would hate the people.

But I decided to just go with it and I have been loving my group runs!

This past Saturday, I went to the DC/VA area to run a portion of the Mt. Vernon trail.20130112_112105

I have heard a lot about the trail from other DC/VA bloggers so I was excited to find some friends to run a portion of the trail with.20130112_103821

I decided to run about a 4 mile portion of the trail- since I believe the trail goes on for a bit. The best thing about running on the trail was being in the company of fellow bikers and runners. Being around other active people is awesome and energizing.

However, towards the end of the run I was slightly disoriented and did not step over to the right side of the trail when bikers that were passing me called out “left”. The trail is a bit narrow, so it’s important to pay attention to who is around you.

Can you see The Washington Monument in the background of this picture?20130112_105146


We stopped to walk for about .15 miles after every mile, which honestly made the run more manageable for myself.


Another awesome part about the portion of the trail that we were on was that it was close to the airport.

I am obsessed with watching planes takeoff- so I got really excited when we were able to hear and see several planes fly right above our heads.

After our run we freshened up to eat and explore VA. We had some kabobs from Kabob Palace- I am so glad I have friends that like to chow down after we get in a good workout.

Otherwise I would need a tummy tuck.



We felt like royalty eating at Kabob Palace.

After lunch we drove over to historical Old Town.




We got some caffeine and went in search for the perfect cupcakes and Alexandria Cupcake delivered!



I rolled with my favorite flavor and ordered the red velvet cupcake.20130112_143809

As a self-proclaimed cupcake snob, I can officially say that it was the best cupcake I have ever eaten.IMG_1440

Light and moist.IMG_1441

I ended up my day in D.C with my mom, sister and some friends. We ate dinner and walked around Dupont Circle.IMG_1444


After running four miles and walking all over for 12 hours D.C/VA I passed out hard on the metro ride home.

What is your favorite running trail? Are you a part of a running group?

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