Spin your way to better fitness

Two years ago I took my first ever spinning class. Even though I did not write about it in that particular post, I did not enjoy the workout as much as I thought I would. It was uncomfortable so I just never ended up going back.

My running buddy is a huge fan of spinning and it’s a great way to cross train on the days that we don’t run. So, I decided to try spinning just once more to see if anything had changed within the past two years.


My local gym offers a studio cycling class that is 60 minutes long with hills, flats, interval and endurance with motivating music!


The instructor could tell that I was new to spinning so she helped me adjust the seat so that it fit me properly. I am not sure what changed since the last time I took spin but I was certainly more comfortable.


In fact an hour of spin just flew by! The actual spin class was taught in the dark which, I think I like for some reason. The only thing that I am still confused about when it comes to spinning is some of the language they use. I also don’t really picture myself riding up a hill so it’s hard for me to go along with the narration of the class.


Each spin bike came equipped with a monitor that allowed us to adjust the resistance of the bike. The first time I took spin I was not sure what resistance I should be at since the instructor never threw out a numbers.


I just had to wing it whenever I heard the terms “moderate” or “steep hill”. Throughout the entire ride I kept my resistance between 6 and 17.


After the class I checked with my friend to make sure I was at the right resistance. Apparently I was doing it right!


I was convinced that I was doing spinning “wrong”. I have to admit, I am so glad that I gave spinning another chance because since my first class I have attended two more and I am going to another one tonight!

I always thought spinning would be uncomfortable for me, but I am glad that I can include it as part of my workout routine.

Don’t worry- I have not ditched running for spinning justtttt yet. On Sunday I went for a 3 mile loop on parts of the Mt. Vernon trial.


I did take some timed walking breaks during this run, but I am glad my average pace is getting faster! I was a bit tired during the last mile but I am happy to be getting faster!


It feels so good to be gaining some speed and feeling like I am getting comfortable with running three miles.


I know I have not posted a weight loss update in a while, but I know that I have been kicking some major butt in all of my workouts. I am trying new workouts and increasing my mileage.

However, I am sabotaging myself when it comes to what I am eating. Wayyyy too many extravagant meals out. I love eating out and I know that it is possible for me to eat out without going overboard. However, I need to eat more meals at home/ pack my lunch.

Meet the Turkado! My favorite lunch as of late.

The Turkado

Turkey, cheese, lite mayo, tomato and a avocado.

The Turkado2

Delicious and filling!

Have you ever tried spinning?

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17 Responses to Spin your way to better fitness

  1. Travis says:

    I’ve never done spinning, but indoor cardio doesn’t appeal to me at all unless it is very nasty outdoors. I’ve been riding my bike every day to work and back, about 4 miles each way, and it feels great! With the cost of gas and owning a car as high as it is, I always think “let’s have a moment of silence for people stuck in traffic on their way to spin class”. But to each their own, if you’re really into spinning and it gives you a good workout, then keep it up. All I know is that I’m saving a ton of money and stress from driving while keeping in great shape. Don’t be afraid to bike places you normally drive to, is my recommendation to people.

    • Sana says:

      I would love to live in an area where biking around is an option! It’s my favorite thing about Europe-very bike friendly!

  2. Heather says:

    we dont have spin at my gym but I wish we did!

  3. I went to a Soul Cycle class and I was not expecting to love it as much as I did! It was soo much fun!

  4. Joy says:

    I love spin! I find myself there almost every day (taking two today)

  5. Georgia says:

    I had to laugh when I read the first paragraph of this post – it was absolutely the same reaction I had to spin. I even blogged about it (see: http://fabulousfoodandalittlefrolicking.blogspot.com.au/2011/11/why-ill-never-do-another-spin-class.html ). While I may go back and try it again at some point, at the moment I much prefer riding my bike outdoors.
    By the way, you’re looking amazing and I love all your progress running-wise – quite the inspiration! :)

    • Sana says:

      I have an awesome running/spin buddy and I think it makes a difference ;) I can’t wait until it’s nice enough to ride outdoors!

  6. LOVE love love spinning! I have been spinning for quite a few years now and although we now have a decked out home gym (yes it includes two spin bikes lol) we no longer are gym members. We do miss the class environment at times. The last gym we were members at they did keep the lights off in the class and I hated every minute of it (we weren’t there long thank goodness). Both gyms before that had lights on and I loved to be able to see my surroundings.

    So glad to hear you like it now. Happy spinning!

  7. Pam says:

    My morning spinning class has been together for a very long time. We are a group of older folks (our oldest spinners are in their seventies). It is much easier on our knees than running. The music makes the class, without a doubt.

    • Sana says:

      We get people of all ages in the classes I go to. I love that people of all ages/abilities can modify the workout!

  8. I’ve only been to one short class and WOW it is a serious workout!!!

    • Sana says:

      What is short? The only spin classes I have been to are 45-60 minutes long. And at first that seemed a bit too long for me.

  9. Katy says:

    I first took a spin class a couple years back, and instantly fell in love. And I just recently tried RPM for the first time, and fell even more in love! My manager is trying to convince me to get certified in it, but we’ll see. I’m going to focus in on BP for now … don’t want to overwhelm myself or my body. Would love to take one of your classes someday!