10k Training- Week 4

So after running a total of 0 miles the week before last. I managed to run FOURTEEN miles this week. Yes, I am just as shocked as you are.


I need a rest from running all over town!

I am pretty sure I complained for at least 7 of those miles. Running is hard as it is, but it’s much harder getting back into the swing of things after taking 9 days off.

The things I complained about:

  • I was too hot.
  • I had to go to the bathroom.
  • I was hungry.
  • I thought speed work would kill me.

* I am a week behind on my training program


I know I struggled with the runs this week because they were not easy and I really needed to work harder to get them in. I am always doubting myself as I am running. I wonder if I will make or if I need to stop and walk.

I am always pleasantly surprised when I don’t stop and make it to the end alive.

On Monday I did my first ever speed work out. Does this make me a legit runner?

For our group run on Thursday we were set to do 4 miles but for some reason 65 degrees seemed really hot that day and most of us called it quits after 3.4 miles. I pretty much always hit the distance I set out to run-it’s more mental than anything else.


The  trail we ran along reminded me of the move Jurassic Park and I was expecting t-rex to pop out at any moment. That kept me entertained for a few miles.

On my long run on Saturday I made the mistake of not going to the bathroom before meeting my running group at 7:30am to run. I like to sleep as long as possible and rush out the door at the last second.

Since I wanted to get in the 5 miles I walked up hills until I could go to the bathroom 3.5 miles in. And running felt amazing once I did what I needed to do.

Lesson learned!

The next day (Sunday) I ran a 2 mile race with a extra .5 to hit an even 14 miles. Is that obsessive?

I started off fast for me during the race.


We hit a MONSTER hill at the end of mile 1 and I think it did me in. I just wanted the race to be over. I was not expecting to have a 2 mile PR since I had just run 5 miles the day before but thanks to a speedy first mile I was able to finish with a faster time for myself!

We submit our weekly running logs to our coaches so they can provide feed back. I love this since I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to running.

My coaches want me to work on adding mileage and slowing down my pace. But I need to check back with them to see how slow should I be going.

Anyhooo, I am pumped for another week of running. I am always grateful that running it a part of my life.

Plus it allows me to consume bacon cheeseburgers and I am super grateful for that!


What are your running goals?

Mine is to stay aliveeee.

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4 Responses to 10k Training- Week 4

  1. Marilyn says:

    My goal is to run injury-free. I’ve got a newly revised plan, so we shall see… Meanwhile, you’re rocking it!

  2. Mari says:

    it is funny that you said that about Thursday because I felt that way too…I was sooooo hot when I went for run and it was just a horrible run but then when I checked the weather, it was only 60 something….

  3. Great job on week 4! I had my 5th half this weekend and I have a ton of new goals for my fall races! I definitely want to run the Detroit HM (on 10/20/13) in 2:36 or less so hopefully I can work on my speed in the next 6 months :)