DIY Storage Boxes


Here is a cute why to turn old shoe boxes into cute storage boxes!

1) Gather supplies. I am using a shoe box and some drawer liner paper. You can get a wide variety of designs. I like using drawer paper since it comes with an adhesive back.


2) When starting with the lid you want to leave an inch or two of extra liner on all sides depending on how big your lid is.


3) Peel back the adhesive and place the lid in the middle of the paper.


4) Start by wrapping around the sides.


5) Stop once you get to the corners of the lid and cut a slit diagonally to the corner of the lid.


6) This will allow the drawer liner to naturally cover up the lid.




7) This is what the finished lid will look like.


8) For the actual box we will only be covering up the sides of the box.


9) Cut enough paper to wrap around the entire box with an inch or so of extra paper on the top and the bottom.


10) Peel back the adhesive and start covering the box. If the paper is getting wrinkled cut up four separate pieces and cover each side individually.


11) For each corner once again cut a small slit into the paper so that it can fold over on the top and bottom.


12) When you are finished fold over the top part into the box.


13) The final product is a cute storage box!


I used a different design of drawer paper to make some storage boxes of my winter clothes/unused items.


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One Response to DIY Storage Boxes

  1. Joy says:

    Those are super cute Sana!