Exciting Race Announcement

Yes, it is possible to still be working out and not blog/tweet/instagram every single one of them.

P.s you know you are working hard when you don’t have enough energy to blog/tweet/instagram your workouts. Orr just lazy.

But seriously. Where do I even begin? The hardest part about blogging something that happened 3 months ago is that your thoughts are all over the place, so please excuse me if this post is all over the place.

Because I am also all over the place.

After some amazing bike rides on some rental bikes, I decided it was time for me to purchase my first “adult” bike.

Back in July on the most perfect summer day (breezy, not humid, sunny) I walked into Performance Bicycle looking for a road bike to ride that day. My last bike was one that I had purchased when I was 10 years old. It was monster green and I think it has flames on the side.

Long story short, I wanted something that was not going to break the bank and it would not make me look stupid when I was out on the road.

I ended up buying the first bike I tried out, I was love at first sight. I even tried out the more “fancy” bikes but my simple straight handle bar bike was just the perfect one.

I kept going on circles around the store parking lot just to make sure, but it just fit right and I knew I had to take her home.

After two attempts at getting my bike in the car I was finally able to bring it home.


I don’t have a lot of friends that cycle so I really needed to do some research on which trails are the best for cyclists. As a beginner I was not comfortable with hitting to roads on my first time out.

Here are some of my favorite to bike in the Columbia/Baltimore area:

BWI Trail– I have done this trail about 3 times since I purchased my bike.

The BWI Trail is a 12.5 mile trail that encircles the BWI airport and connects hikers, bicyclists, walkers, and joggers to community resources, public transportation, and area attractions. Most of the trail has an asphalt surface, however, wooden boardwalks were used in environmentally sensitive areas to protect natural features.


How can you not love a trail where you can see airplanes flying right past you?



The trail is all paved and slightly hilly. But my absolute FAVORITE PART IS THAT THE TRAIL GOES BY AN EMU FARM!!!


I won’t lie, I thought it was an ostrich the first time I saw the emu. Now I know.

I love that the trail always has people walking and biking with their families so you are never alone for too long. The only downside of the trail is that it’s not well marked so it’s best to go with someone that has done it before.

The first time I did the trail I got lost for about 3 hours.


After doing the trail a few times I considered myself to be an “average” rider and decided to join the local Lululemon for a 20 mile bike ride around Columbia.

Lululemon Ride (19 miles around Columbia)

Since this was a open no drop ride I figured I would be with some beginners and I would be good to go.


My worst riding fears came true on this 20 mile adventure ( I forgot to start my GPS until we were 5 miles in and were lost)

  1. I was DEAD last.
  2. I was terrified of being out on the open road with cars passing around me.
  3. My quads were burning so bad that I ended up having to walk some of the hills.

For the first 5 miles of the ride I was perfectly fine, I was able to keep up with the group with no issues, I was not even winded.

We stopped within the first 10 minutes of the ride because someone’s chain had fallen off and at the exact moment I saw a rider in front of me topple over into the grass still clipped in to her bike.

I figured I was good to go with the group. As soon as we hit mile five we were out on the open road and it was as if I had blinked and the rest of the group was GONE.

My worst fears had come true.

Thankfully, this was a no drop ride and so one of the leaders that had organized the ride had to stay back with me.

I was beyond mortified. The course was filled with rolling hills and just as I had caught my breath from one hill we were starting another.

The rider who was stuck with me was a ultramarathoner/ironman-just my luck! I apologized profusely and explained that this was my first road riding experience and that I was doing the best that I could. Looking back, had I known how hilly the course was I would have stayed home.

At mile 10 we talked about me turning around, but I knew my body well and I felt like I could finish. I just need to take my time.

So instead of letting my embarrassment consume me I had a fabulous time chatting away as I biked and walked the 20 miles of hills in Columbia.

It took me about 3 hours, but I managed to finish my first road ride. I consider it a success that I did not get hit by a car. I will say that this bike ride is probably the hardest thing that I have ever done physically to date and I could not be more proud.

You really need to set your pride aside when you find yourself walking up a hill pulling your bike along.

Grist Mill TrailIn Patapsco State Park


Grist Mill

How can you not love a paved bike trail that you can venture off of and see waterfalls?


I personally have not explored all of Patapsco State Park but biking on the paved trails out and back came to around 13 miles!


We took plenty of breaks along the trail to do a bit of hiking. The state park is the perfect location for people with mountain bikes.


For not even having my bike for a month I was pretty much in love with biking. Don’t worry I still kept up with running (I will save that for another post), so I decided to sign up for my first ever duathlon that took place about two weeks ago.

I will be honest, I saw the signs advertising the race when I was at the beach over the summer and I could not stop thinking about doing the race. I did not even own a bike at the time!

I am the type of person that once I find myself fixated on something I must do it, even if it terrifies me.

I knew I wanted to do a run-bike-run race, why not combine the two physical activities that I love the most!

Spoiler alter: I survived the race. Hopefully, my race recap will be up soon!

Do you own a bike?

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