Would You Ever-Urban Remedy Edition

Do a juice cleanse?


 Urban Remedy offered a chance for me to review a juice cleanse, a wellness kit or a sample of some of their items. I decided to review some of their items since I don’t see myself attempting a juice cleanse.

I personally love certain cold press juices and I try to make my own blended juices as often as possible. I love how amazingly convenient it is to sip away at 5-8 vegetables and fruits as opposed to having to eat them all individually.

That being said I love eating and I don’t see myself not being able to eat something for 3 days. Plus with the training that I am doing for the Army 10 miler I want to make super I have enough in me to get through the runs.

So, Urban Remedy offers different options for cleanses. For instance the wellness kit comes with snacks and meals to eat during the day. All organic of course.

Sorry for the low quality cell phone pictures. I tried most of the noshes and juices at work so that I would have healthy snacks with me during the day. But I am going to share with you some of the items I was sent to review.

First up! Urban Remedy offers Noshes (basically a cute word for snacks). It should be no surprise but, these were my favorite!

From the website:

 Our raw, vegan, and gluten-free snacks are delicious. Without grain and white sugars, our healthy snacks refuel your day without that sluggish feeling you get after eating high glycemic, highly processed foods

The Banana Brittle tasted like delicious banana chips! I really had to stop myself from eating the entire bag. 


They were thin, flaky and basically melted in my mouth.


The Almond Brownie was AMAZING! It satisfied my chocolate craving without being too naughty.


I am already a huge fan of almond milk. However, this almond milk is more like a dessert. It’s sweet and creamy! I was almost done with the entire bottle before I stopped to take a picture.


I am a huge fan of juices that mix vegetables and fruit with them. I like not feeling like I am basically drinking a salad. The After Party does a good job of combing the apple and carrot flavors together.


My least favorite juice was more “green” juice. I had to basically drink it like it was medicine.


However, some people LOVE the more green juices so it all depends on what your taste buds love. I am really happy that I was able to sample all the different things that Urban Remedy offers.

So, would you ever do a juice cleanse? Or would you be more likely to do a wellness kit where you can eat food with your juices?

A huge thanks to Urban Remedy for providing me with some juices and noshes to sample!

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3 Responses to Would You Ever-Urban Remedy Edition

  1. Joy says:

    I would totally do a cleanse!

  2. I’ve never heard of Urban Remedy, but those banana brittle and almond brownie snacks look SO good! The juices are attractively packaged as well. Do you generally dislike green smoothies or did you just not like the taste of this particular one?