Army Ten Miler Recap+ Giveaway

I almost did not run this race. Crazy, right? But first the expo! This was my first “big” race in a while so the day before my mom and I made the trip down to the DC Armory. I forgot how huge expos were!


I did not shop much at the race expo. Other than obviously pick up my race bib and shirt. I like that races make you move the day before a race. That way you don’t just veg out at home before a big event, which is pretty much exactly what I wanted to do.

I’m so happy the race t-shirt was actually a long sleeve technical shirt! This is a perfect layer for the colder months of running and I have too many t-shirts as it is. Also, I am glad they went with the color white since I tend to stick with black running clothes so this is perfect for my running wardrobe.


I also stopped by the Flip Belt booth to grab something to carry my phone and keys in. I am pretty sure the “t” in Belt fell off somewhere along the race course.


The slits in the belt look small but they are big enough to fit everything in. The best part is that you don’t feel any of it while you are running.


The night before the race I did not sleep well. I am not a great sleeper to begin with so sleeping well before a big event is pretty much out of the question.

As poorly as I slept I was up at 4am ready to get the day started. I tried to eat a Clif Bar but I was not particularly hungry so I just stashed it into my pocket for later.

I live about 45 minutes away from D.C so I had a 20 minute drive before I got to the nearest metro stop. Once I picked up my friend I was on my way to the race. As a side note, people that wake up at 5am just to watch you run a race are truly the greatest people on Earth.

I am not sure why I was soo nervous/anxious before running this race. I think it had to do with the logistics of getting to the race. Long metro rides jam packed with people is just not something I am used to. Either way, I just wanted to go home. If someone had been like “Sana let’s go home and skip the race.” I would have said YES!

But I thought about all the people who had helped me raise over $500 for the race and I knew it would be stupid to not run the race.

But man, I sure don’t like large crowds of people in public places. Once we got to the race site I was feeling 100 times better. I immediately stood in line for the porta potties. Thankfully, the line moved quickly because I would have otherwise peed my pants.

The weather for the race could not have been more perfect. It was a chilly start but I knew it would warm up as the race went on. That is why I brought an old sweatshirt that I could just toss before I started running.


I was in one of the last corrals so I had a bit of standing around to do. I think I stood for about an hour before I actually started. It was fun being able to watch the elite runners finish the race before I had even started.

I wish I had taken more pictures on the course because I loved it but I was obviously trying to do my best on my first 10 mile run.

I love that this race had so many different people running it, it’s so inspiring to be running along side someone with an amputated limb. Seriously, they are so dedicated.

Within the first mile of the race I had already ditched my sweatshirt and I was in the running groove!


The course took us all over D.C and Virginia. It is definitely fun exploring the city even though I live so close to it. This was one of the rare times that I was running alone. As much as I love to run and chit chat with people I prefer to race alone so that I can do the best that I can.

I did not have an particular goals for my first 10 mile run/ race. Obviously to finish and to not drop dead.

I ran the first 4 miles without stopping, I tend not stop at the water stops within the first couple miles because I am not super thirsty and I want to keep my running groove going.

Since I was using Pndora and my RunKeeper App I knew that my phone was not going to last for the entire duration of the race so I don’t have anything that tracked all the splits of my run.

I ran the first 4 miles non stop, I tend not to drink anything in the beginning for my run so I skipped the water stops until I felt like I needed some water.

Around mile 4 I stopped to take care of some restroom issues. I definitely don’t enjoy having to stop and use the restroom while running. It totally throws me off.


The best thing about races is all the people watching! I don’t think I got bored once while I was running and obviously I could look at the beautiful course. I was so excited to be doing my first 10 mile run on the most perfect day weather wise.

I ran as much as I could until the 10k mark. I took a walking/ Clif Shot blok walking breaking after I crossed the 10k timing strip.

I am pretty positive I walked the entirety of mile 8. It was uphill on a bridge and I could tell I was getting tired. I always wanted to finish strong so a walking break was totally fine. When I hit mile 9 I was so glad the race was almost over and I dug deep to finish the race.


  I definitely met my goal of finishing the race without dying!


As soon as I finished the race I knew I was going to immediately run a 1/2 marathon. I am pretty sure I told my friend that I could totally run 3 more miles on top of what I had already run.

IMG_0201 (1) 

Post-race endorphins are amazing. I am pretty sure I would have even signed up for a full marathon! Just kidding. I think.

  I am pretty pleased with my results. I ran 10 miles in 2:14:18 at a 13:25 minute/mile pace. For never having run the distance before that is not too shabby.



Best post race show ever! I would absolutely do the race again. The course, weather and crowd support were amazing. Plus now I have a time to beat. However, I will pick another way to get to the race. Even the line to leave the race at the metro station was super long. I am pretty sure walked an additional 2 miles after I had finished the race.

However, it was fun watching people go “shopping” though all of the throwaway clothes that they race organizers piled in front of the metro stop. People were taking boxes of clothes home.

Once I made it home I stuffed myself with a philly cheese steak, put on some compression socks and passed out for a nap.


I was definitely tired and a little sore after my race but I was so proud of what I had accomplished and so excited for my next goal!

I do have to say, I was feeling so good the next day and I think it’s 100% due to the fact that I slept in some Pro Compression Socks.

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Happy Running!!!

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