What To Expect During Your First Time At Pure Barre?

Well, I have officially found my new source of inspiration! Pure Barre.

Now, I am not your typical Pure Barre client and Pure Barre is not my typical workout (I like to run and spin). However, I have found a challenge that absolutely terrifies and literally shakes me to the core. 40 classes in 60 days. Basically that means, 5 classes a week!


I mean how hard can a class really be if these are the only innocent pieces of equipment I need?


WRONG! I have seriously questioned the possibility of dying with both feet flat on the floor and my hands firmly holding the barre. Those 1 inch movements can really be killer if you do them the right way.


I am pretty sure you have read this dude’s recap of his first Pure Barre class. Mine was pretty much the same.

I also love this really helpful post by blogger, and Pure Barre instructor, Alyssa. I love all the corrections mentioned in the post and they have really helped me in class.

I am not shy when it comes to trying out new workout classes. I always give something a shot before calling it quits.

My first few times at Pure Barre would have been just like any other workout class. However, meeting the owner and instructor, Carmel, made me feel super welcome into the studio.


First time to Pure Barre? Definitely watch this video! These are definitely resources you want to check out before coming into the studio, it will enhance your experience and make you feel like you are part of a community.




Facebook Page


The Pure Barre workout is definitely challenging and the instructors kick things off right away. The warm-up alone is basically a workout except you have 50 minutes of class still left to go. I don’t always get the moves right during class, which is why I appreciate all the online resources and tips that allow me to get the most out of my workout.

Additionally, the instructors are not shy about helping you find the right form during class. I think it’s super awesome to get so much individual attention in a group fitness class.

My favorite Pure Barre tool is the app, which is available for both Android and iPhone. I work full time with a 3 hour commute and I don’t have a lot of time to spend looking up classes to sign up for. The app allows me to sign up for a class quickly on my metro ride and I can make it to a class as soon as I get home.


During these 60 days I also have a personal goal of attempting to fine tune my body. As always, I am working to lose those stubborn 12 lbs that I keep losing and gaining.

I want to see if a low impact workout like Pure Barre can help me lose the pounds and the inches.

PicMonkey Collage

These are just my starting measurements and I will update them after the first month as well as at the end of the second month.

Thighs: 26.5 inches

Hips: 43.5 inches

Chest: 39.5 inches

Abdominal area: 39 inches

Bicep: 15 inches

Weight loss is not my main goal during this challenge, I want to see myself get better at the various barre movements as well as perfect my form. I know that will happen as I take more classes and push myself to get better.

I am 10 days into this challenge and have already taken 8 classes! I am really determined to make it to 40 classes in 60 days! It’s not easy but I am going to do my best.

Have you taken a Pure Barre class? Do you have any questions about my Pure Barre experience?

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2 Responses to What To Expect During Your First Time At Pure Barre?

  1. Woohoo! So glad you’ve found the PB love. <3 And so glad my post was helpful for you!

  2. Rachel D says:

    I love pure barre! I feel so great after every workout! I dont know if i have personally lost weight, but I feel better, stronger and overall just great! I am addicted and love that the movements(thigh and seat) are different every time! Love love love