Where Did August Go?

No, seriously…how are we already at the END OF AUGUST??? Ahh. Well, here is a photo and video dump of my life lately. Awesome workouts with some seriously awesome weather.

I am pooped but so so happy.

I think I am going to start vlogging. Check out my first vlog!


Check out ClassPass (affiliate link) Find awesome workouts when you are on the go! Here are some other recent workouts and questions.

Sunset bootcamp by the inner harbor. I wish all my workouts had this view.20150827_19244020150827_193257

Why does glowing make everything so much more fun?


How to make Pure Barre even harder? Take a 90 minute class.


When did I become someone that loves yoga? Especially hot yoga??


Why do we run at 5 am??

Seriously, we should be sleeping.




And finally. Is my seat lifted?


Can’t wait to sweat in many more awesome ways this coming week!

What was your favorite way to sweat this past week?

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