Is Bribing Myself To Lose Weight A Bad Idea?

So I figured I would come up with some bribes rewards for myself to earn during this weight loss journey. Don’t worry I am not totally selfish, I have a few interesting ways to celebrate each accomplishment with you all. While this is my personal weight loss journey, we are all on our own journeys as well and I want to recognize/celebrate that with everyone.

10 lbs down:

Momentum Jewelry


21-day fix container kit giveaway!


20lbs down: A spa package from Lynn’s Day Spa



Make a donation to Athletes Serving Athletes– An organization that allows all athletes to feel the joy of crossing the finish line.


30lbs down: Lululemon Follow Your Bliss Bag



Lululemon gift card giveaway.

20 lb loss maintained for 6 monthsClassic Trench Coat


This giveaway is local to the amazing in real life friends that have supported me through my weight loss and fitness journey by either running with me, listening to me complain about my weight or sending me motivational text messages. I will throw a fun fitness day for them: 1 boutique fitness class (Pure Barre or Rev Cycle) + Lunch of their choice.

40 lbs down: Headshot/fun fitness photoshoot

I need to update my headshot.


I will also giveaway a photoshoot for my local readers/friends.

These items/experiences are things I’ve been eying up for a while so what better way to earn them while losing weight!

And the biggest reward for myself for marinating a 40 lb weight loss for 1 year (October 2017):

Frye Boots or Tory Burch Flats. You guys pick.





So am I the worst for bribing myself to lose weight?

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10 Responses to Is Bribing Myself To Lose Weight A Bad Idea?

  1. I successfully lost 30 pounds going to Weight Watchers and one of the things they talked about was rewarding yourself on the journey. Don’t wait until the end for a new wardrobe, but also don’t reward yourself with food. These are great goals and rewards!

    • Sana says:

      I use food to treat myself and I am working on changing that. Let’s hope I don’t become a shopaholic!

  2. Joy says:

    first of all no I bribe myself all the time! Secondly I love!!! And wear a momentum bracelet a friend of mine gave me all the time (the joy is in the journey) thirdly as someone who has both frye boots and tori burch shoes I’ll tell you to go with the boots they last forever!!!! And the style stays in :-) I’ve had to replace my tori burch once already (after 2 years of abuse so totally a value at that point anyway) and I’m about to again HOWEVER my frye are way more abused (heck I wear them to the barn and then use good leather cleaner and take them to a ladies night and they still look like new

  3. I don’t think bribing yourself is a bad idea. Think of it more like rewarding yourself for reaching your goals. We all need that extra push even if we really want the end goal (weight loss) it’s still tough. I reward myself for getting in my workouts if I’m training for something big because it’s a reminder of the hard work I put in so I say do it!

  4. Ash Diamond says:

    Great idea! I love this and do a similar thing. I reward myself each week that I complete my workouts with a manicure. If I don’t do the workouts I planned, then I have to do my own nails. HA!

    • Sana says:

      That is an amazing idea! I will do that same. I go get my nails done every 2 weeks so I will just skip the manicure because I can’t paint my own nails!

  5. I think this is a great idea! As long as there is intrinsic motivation too, which Im sure there is! These are some awesome rewards:) Good luck, I know you can do it!