Make Simple Exercise More Effective With These Surprising Hacks

Completing at least 20 minutes of exercise every day is essential to ensure we stay fit and well. It is an excellent way to ensure we have good flexibility, balance, and strength. However, a lot of us are doing exercise and not finding any significant change to our body. It can often leave us feeling deflated after we have completed the exercise. Therefore, here are some surprising hacks to make simple exercise more effective!

Use weights while working out

Cardio exercise is a great way to maintain a healthy weight. And it’s the most common form of exercise that women do in their life. However, strength exercise is also an excellent way to burn those calories. Therefore, next time you are going for a walk, you should walk with hand weights. It can help you to burn more calories when you walk, so you will feel fulfilled once you have finished exercising. It’s also an excellent way to tone your arms while you go for a jog. You can even make yoga and pilates more strenuous with dumbbells. Ask your yoga instructor for poses you can do where you can incorporate weights.



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Wear a weighted vest

You might not have heard of a weighted vest. But it’s an ideal way to carry extra weight during simple exercises. It means you could go out for a walk or climb the stairs and find that you are losing the pounds. It’s because adjustable weighted vests for cardio exercises burn calories faster. It makes you lose weight more effectively. The vest is made with a heavy material which will ensure you carry extra weight. And you can even make it heavier by filling the small pockets with heavy items!

Add a waistband

As we talked about previously, Zumba is an excellent high-energy workout which helps you to stay physically healthy. However, if you have come away and wished the exercise had been more effective for your body, you should consider buying a waistband. It will ensure that while you dance, you are sweating a lot more. As you know, sweat is the best way to burn fat and lose calories. Therefore, by using a waistband, you will make the exercise a lot more effective. And it doesn’t have to be just Zumba; you can use a waistband with any cardio exercise.

Have a protein shake

You might not realize how important protein is to your body. But if you want to build muscle and burn fat, you should increase your protein intake. As this feature reveals, if you don’t have protein, you are going to get little out of your cardio and strength workouts. Therefore, you should ensure you have a protein shake before and after you have worked out. Don’t worry about them tasting bad; you can buy many online with great flavours such as strawberry and peanut butter!

Remember you don’t have to exercise for ages for it to be effective. Go for higher-impact in a shorter time and you will soon notice a difference in your body!

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