Why Exercise Plans Don’t Work And What You Can Do For Success

Exercise is hard work. And sometimes it simply doesn’t work. Lots of us are trying to include exercise in our weight loss program, but sometimes you simply can’t keep it up. Life gets in the way. Aches, pains, and injuries can get in the way too. And there are always other priorities that you need to allocate your precious time to. It’s no wonder that so many people struggle when it comes to exercise plans. And it’s why many of us give up so early on.

Of course, there is another factor involved that leads to us quitting. Motivation. If we’re not motivated enough to get dressed up in our workout wear and push ourselves through those pain barriers, we simply won’t do it. It takes more than willpower and tenacity alone. This is why so many exercise programs don’t work. People just don’t stick with them. So what would encourage you to be more active and do a bit more exercise every single week for ever more?

Fun Things

Yep. Pleasure not pain, please. I want to have fun. I don’t have much spare time, so I definitely don’t want to feel like I’m working during my down hours. Give me fun activities that make me laugh and make me smile. Dancing to good music is just one of the things that come to mind. After all, heading out to a nightclub on a Friday night certainly sounds like a fun way to spend your spare time!

There are a few dance classes that might be interesting, fun, and physically demanding enough to help improve your fitness. Choose a style you like, perhaps salsa or hip hop, and sign up for a weekly class. If it gets your heart pumping, you know it’s doing you good. And who wouldn’t love a pair of dancer’s legs!

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Boxercise was so trendy a few years ago. It gained popularity because it’s fun and accessible to all, regardless of your fitness level. It moves your legs and your arms, and you can probably find it will help you tone up as well. You can go on your own because it’s structured a bit like a step or aerobics class but with a few more upper body moves and kicks!

Zumba is a fun kind of dance aerobics fusion that is high energy. Like the boxercise, you can go alone and perhaps even make new friends. It’s the music that keeps you going and the results that make you go back. Good fun! Trampolining has become trendy again. There are several centers opening up all over the country that let you just free-bounce all over the place. It is a lot of fun but can be a bit intimidating when all those teenage boys go springing by. Book a class with a pal instead, and learn some cool moves at the same time.


It can be easier to keep up an exercise program if it only takes a few minutes to do each day. That way you can make it part of your daily routine like brushing your teeth and putting on your makeup. There are plenty of video and online workout programs that demonstrate stretches and exercises you can do at home in front of the telly. But some of them go on and on and just last too long. When you’re looking into programs like max workouts by shin ohtake, do read the reviews and check it’s going to work for your lifestyle.

The shorter workouts or exercises can also prevent you getting too tired to enjoy the rest of the day. You’re not likely to get as achy or prone to injuries if you can restrict how much you do. There are some studies that suggest you should keep workouts to under thirty minutes. If they are intense, enough they should continue to ‘burn fat’ for hours after you’ve stopped. And if you only have twenty minutes, it’s good to know you can still achieve a lot toward your weight loss goal.

Day Out

If your main workout was part of a fun day out, then you’d probably be more inspired to do it. Taking on a hike with the girls can be a great way to spend quality time together. But it will work your whole body and burn plenty of calories along the way. You can use the opportunity to take some stunning landscape photos, or to marvel at some cute wildlife.

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Of course, there are always fun events you can participate in that will get you all active. You might find a silly boot camp event using an inflatable obstacle course. What about a charity mud run with your mates to raise money for good causes? Check your local newspaper for opportunities to get out there and do something silly, fun, and active for the day.


There are also plenty of activities that promote relaxation. If you’re feeling a bit under pressure, why not take advantage of a Yoga or Tai Chi class? Both will give your body a good workout without the sweat. And you’ll probably feel incredibly relaxed and refreshed at the end of it too. You don’t have to join a class. Head to the swimming pool for a few lengths then enjoy the spa pool and sauna. All of these will go toward your exercise goals and help you lose weight.

Something as simple as a walk around the park each day will improve your fitness and help you feel more relaxed and focused. Best of all, it will go a long way to helping you reach your weight goals. If you have a dog to go with, you might even meet some new people along the way. Why not borrow a neighbor’s pooch each evening or morning?

While there are many good exercise programs out there, most of them are simply too long and too hard to keep up forever. It is worth looking for the ones that suit a busy lifestyle, though. And in the meantime, why not try one of these suggestions to help you keep on track with your fitness goals?

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