Thoughts About Trying To Lose Weight For The Millionth Time + Six Ingredient Healthy Berry Muffins

We are going to start this post off with a recipe! Social media is my absolute favorite way to learn and create new recipes. I discovered this Six Ingredient Healthy Berry Muffin recipe from Mimi Ikonn‘s Snapchat. I don’t know how to link to snapchat accounts. Is it even possible? Anyway! On to the recipe!






I preferred the muffins once they had cooled off. And they are not really that sweet, so you might want to add more honey. I am happy I have something healthy snack when I want a little something to snack on!


I will for sure be making these again. They definitely taste healthy if you know what I mean.

On to the weight loss part of this post….

I told myself I would finally lose the weight a million times. I would start off great, planning my meals, eating veggies and less desserts. And within 2 weeks I would be back to m&m’s, french fries and diet coke. That is my ultimate crappy day pick me up. Except everyday can’t be a crappy day.

I never even had a diet plan. I made oatmeal for breakfast when I really wanted a bagel with lots of cream cheese or a doughnut with some orange juice. I could run all of this extra food/poor food choices off but to be honest I have not even been running. Like not at all… and I firmly believe you can’t out exercise poor eating habits. Much easier said than done.

I was sick a few weeks ago, and my grandfather passed away and then I got sick again. I also hurt my back so I could not even walk, stand sit or sneeze. I wanted to do nothing when it came to exercising and healthy eating.  For some reason I feel like I need to have the most ideal circumstances to eat healthy and lose weight. Excuses….excuses…excuses….

So for the past three weeks I have found a few things that will help me lose wight/ some realizations about myself:

Are you ready?

  1. I feel dumb. Losing weight should not be that hard. I can’t believe I am almost 200 lbs.
  2. I should just suck it up and join weight watchers. At this point I can’t be trusted to not unintentionally overeat. I do the best when I am tracking my food and weighing myself regularly. I always see results when I do this.
  3. I don’t feel any better or worse about myself when I sit in a meeting where other people discuss their struggles and successes with weight loss. It just helps me stay focused on eating the right amount of points.
  4. I can’t believe I joined weight watchers. Sometimes you need the right person in your life to just tell you to go for it.
  5. I think it’s working.
  6. Everything I had been doing to lose weight before is all wrong. Eating bars and trail mix is not going to help me lose weight. Neither is drinking all my fruits and veggies. Chewed fruits and veggies are 0 points! Bye bye smoothies.
  7. I can still eat out, I just have to pick out what I want beforehand and try out the kids portions. It’s really not that bad.
  8. I prefer counting points over calories. Calories are depressing, points are just a random number.
  9. I only signed up for 1 month of weight watchers. If I am miserable I can try something else. If things go well I will try 3 months.
  10. I have lost 3lbs this week and I still ate out. I had pizza,  Panda Express and lots of veggies. Just not as much as I normally would.
  11. I have an amazing support system. I am lucky, I am glad I don’t have to do this alone.
  12. I want to enter my 30’s and future feeling amazing about the way that I look. This is something that is super important to me.
  13. I am embarrassed that I joined Weight Watchers, I have a hard time admitting to myself that I have a problem losing weight. But I do. Just accept it Sana.
  14. I like to think that I use food to cope with stress and bad times in my life. However I use it as a clutch too often. I need to just deal with stressful days at work. My life is not over. I am actually really happy with my life, I just need to find a different coping mechanism for when things are less than ideal
  15. I am tired of eating shakes, bars and all other crap to make you feel full/lose weight.
  16. I bring my breakfast to eating it during the WW meeting that way I can have a lighter weight for weigh in. I was nervous about eating during the meeting ( don’t want to go against some unspoken rule) but I saw someone else doing it and it was super chill.
  17. I wore my “don’t judge it’s cheat day ” t-shirt to my first meeting.
  18. I still have not spoken at a meeting. I am not really shy and tell everyone I meet in person about my personal life. For some reason listening seems good to me when it comes to WW meetings. I want to soak in the weight loss vibes.
  19. All diet/weight loss plans work, I just needed one that I will follow and one the works me.
  20. I am old enough to realize that I am capable of creating the future that I want for myself. I also need to take better care of myself in terms of taking my  women’s daily vitamins and skincare by checking out nerium reviews.

That is it for now! I will have a more in depth WW post later on. Don’t judge me too much for my millionth  natural weight loss attempt.

<3 Sana


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6 Responses to Thoughts About Trying To Lose Weight For The Millionth Time + Six Ingredient Healthy Berry Muffins

  1. “I wore my “don’t judge it’s cheat day ” t-shirt to my first meeting.” – this made me laugh! <3

  2. Ameena says:

    Sana…so sorry you are struggling with this but I know we all appreciate your honesty. WW has done great things for so many people, I think it’s great that you’ve joined!

    PS: I’m so sorry about your grandfather.

    • Sana says:

      Thank you for your kind comment. I have also heard how well WW works from other people which is why I decided to give it a go!

  3. meg says:

    Sana, you literally spoke the words i feel every day. Thank you for your honesty. I did weight watchers a few years ago and it really worked. I am also back on the band wagon and trying to lose weight. we can do it together – you got this girl!

    • Sana says:

      Thanks for stopping by to comment! I am 3 weeks into WW and I have seen some results that I am happy with! Any tips for a newbie like me? Did you dislike anything?