What Does Losing Weight During The Holidays Look Like? + A Holiday Party Appetizer Idea!

So, I don’t celebrate any of the upcoming holidays. But believe me, even as a Muslim- American I feel the Christmas Spirit. I have been listening to non-stop Christmas Music, my car is filled with all kinds of Christmas decor (for all the photo shoots I do) and I have attended all the Holiday Parties.

I have tons of Christmas Photo Booth props in my car, anyone want to have a photoshoot?

The first Christmas tree that I’ve ever put up. It was so much work. How do people do this every year?

So what does losing weight during this time of the year look like?

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No, your eyes are not playing any tricks on you. I did in fact only lose .2lbs last week. I should be upset because I said no to 1 slice of pizza and countless chocolates and other Christmas goodies offered to me. I am just so happy that I did not gain any weight. Last week is was the week before my monthly visitor and I have a tough time eating less because my hunger levels are through the roof. It feels like I can’t eat fast enough!

I even went to 2 Tae Bo classes- PT is going really well, and I am feeling good as I am getting back into high intensity workouts. I can’t do an entire class as of yet. So I take mini breaks and do as much as I can.

What have I been eating? 1/2 a fruit salad from Chick-a Fila. I spilled the rest of it on the floor.

Chicken kabob salad.

My first Chai Tea Latte of the holiday season. It’s not really worth 8 points, so I split it with my sister. Boy did I miss those daily latte’s.

I stole this picture from my weight watcher’s group, but check out this 1 Smart Point bread from Wegmans! I now have a slice every morning.
On to the holiday party appetizer! We are going to pretend that I did in fact serve this at a party, but in reality I made it for lunch and forced my parents to eat it with me. My mom does not do anything raw, so she reluctantly ate one.




Yum, I love the combination of smoked salmon with cheese. It totally hits the spot if that is what you are craving.

Anyway, that is all. Nothing exciting to read here. We are just chugging along. .2lb weight loss and all…

<3 Sana

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2 Responses to What Does Losing Weight During The Holidays Look Like? + A Holiday Party Appetizer Idea!

  1. It is so hard to stay on track this time of year. Look at you though congrats on your hard work

  2. Akaleistar says:

    I ate way too much this holiday season, But it’s hard to say no to family :)