Novice or Intermediate With Exercise? How To Take Things Up A Gear

With the New Year comes the chance for a new you – or at least, a you that you continue to improve on. If you’re an expert, old-hand at exercise then you probably already know what’s best for you. For the newbies and the mid-level enthusiasts, though, there’s always another gear waiting to be cranked into.


Want to spring into the New Year in style and take your workout regime and fitness up a notch? Here are some ideas to get you started…




You have decided to take the plunge and get serious about your workouts. Perhaps you have finally decided that this attempt at weight loss is going to be successful or you just want to kick things up a notch. Moving from someone who exercises casually to a more dedicated regime is a positive step towards taking care of your health.


  1. Set Yourself A Schedule


You’re going to need to find the time to workout, something which is easier said than done. Try and plan your time spent getting your sweat on a week in advance, so you can negotiate social and work appointments while still making time for a workout.


  1. Invest In Appropriate Clothing




No more working out in an old T-shirt and shorts with waistband elastic that doesn’t hold anything anymore. If you’re going to be serious about this, you need the proper equipment to do it in. Invest in clothing, shoes and items like sweatbands to support the endeavor.


  1. Focus on One Area


One of the best ways of encouraging yourself to continue is seeing results. Do you want more toned arms, more sculpted abs or more muscular thighs? Along with normal cardio, focusing on one area so you can see quick results provides a boost to your desire to continue.




You have been working out for awhile and you know you can stick to this and continue to make a success of it – so what’s the next phase for you?


  1. Improve Your Equipment


Unless your gym is incredibly convenient, you need to have some kind of method of working out at home. Now is the time for an upgrade in this equipment, as it will help keep you motivated when going direct to the gym isn’t something you fancy. Towels, entertainment options like phone projectors and a bike trainer can all improve the experience.


  1. Change It Up


You’ve been doing the same thing for awhile, and that’s positive, but you don’t want to risk getting bored. For a month, try a different kind of exercise – a new machine, or perhaps an exercise class – just to inspire you to try new things.


  1. See A Personal Trainer




Even if you don’t see a trainer on a regular basis, it’s worth the occasional tune-up just to confirm you’re on the right track. This is a great time to work through any questions you might have about exercise and how best to continue working out now you have a baseline of fitness achieved.

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