Recycling Meals: 5 Creative Ways To Use Leftovers

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Using leftovers can cut costs and save the planet – but what meals are best for getting rid of your spare food? Here are some meals that can work eliminate practically anything in you fridge.




Everything and anything can be transformed into a soup. Investing in a soup maker is a great way to make this easy, although you should ideally only use these devices for fruit and vegetables.


Sunday roast leftovers are particularly great for turning into a soup. Make a creamy broth out of your roast potatoes, parsnips and broccoli. Alternatively you can turn your roast chicken into an easy soup in your saucepan whilst throwing in a few vegetables.


Other meals that can be turned into great soups include curries by adding a can of coconut milk. Those items that hide away in your cupboards, fridge and freezer (cans of baked beans, bags of frozen peas, spare potatoes and carrots) can also be combined into a tasty gumbo .




For all those kitchen bowls harbouring neglected fruit, why not transform them into a tasty smoothie? There are many fantastic blenders on the market such as the Vitamix 7500 (you can read the specs at this link) that are specially designed for such a purpose.


If you have any ginger lying around you can combine it with bananas for a tasty digestion remedy. Orange, banana and strawberry meanwhile can be combined with any spare yoghurt for a healthy breakfast substitute. You can even incorporate spare vegetables with fruit such as carrots, courgettes and beetroot.  

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One of the best ways to use leftover meats is to convert them into curries. This could be anything from Christmas turkey to spare barbequed sausages. Use this in conjunction with your leftover vegetables for a tasty dish. You can also use spare yoghurts to thicken up curries, spare bananas to add sweetness and cauliflower and broccoli to add texture.




Lasagne needn’t rely just on mince. You can put any meat into a lasagne from leftover roast chicken, meatballs, pulled pork and even bacon. This is also a great method of using up those unwanted cheeses stinking out your fridge. You can use up the rest of your block of cheddar or experiment with stiltons and bries. As with other recipes, feel free to throw in some spare vegetables too.

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You can put most household ingredients on top of a pizza. Either buy or make your own base, get some tomato paste and cheese, and then add whichever toppings you desire (if you’re a total monster that likes fruit on the pizza – why not invent your own Hawaiian variant?).


On a related note, you can also make many meals out of leftover pizza. If you have a waffle iron try transforming last nights’ za into a tasty morning treat, or fry up with an egg for some exotic French toast.

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