Winter Fitness Ideas

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Winter training can be a real drag.  Running in the rain, freezing in the gym, dark moody mornings.  There is very little to love about fitness when you are full of cold and in all honesty, would rather curl up by the fire and read a book than slip into your lycra and sweat it out.  Whilst it is a drag, there are loads of ways you can improve your relationship with winter workouts.  


Running in the rain can be a joy, sometimes a warm run in a downpour can make you feel fresh and revitalised.  But when it’s blowing a gale and freezing cold you just don’t want to be out there.  That’s when having your own equipment can come in useful.  Check out these treadmill reviews and ratings and think about making space for your own running machine.  Alternatively you could look at other items.  A rowing machine or a bilateral trainer can give you that simple and easy answer to keeping out of the rain.


Other ways of improving your muscle tone without leaving the house include yoga.  Yoga is a brilliant way of improving your core muscle strength and helping improve your mental health.  Using lots of gentle slow movements you will learn to understand your body and gradually use it to build up muscle.  It is designed to help your body rebalance and speed up processes within your natural systems such as digestion and removal of toxins.  Whilst there are loads of great reasons to get outside and experience yoga in nature, over the cold, dark months it is a perfect way to stay warm and relaxed in your own home.

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Of course you could just shrug it all off and get extreme.  Skiing is a brilliant workout for your body, working your cardio and muscle tone.  It won’t feel like a workout either and is something you can enjoy with friends and family.  There are dry ski slopes or, head to the nearest resort and enjoy a couple of weeks hard work.  Mixing it up with hiking up snowy hills will mean your body is working overtime.  If you can’t beat the weather then you may as well make the most of it!


You could do the 20 yard dash from your car into the gym and hit a fast paced group class, with multiple bodies all working as hard as you, it won’t take long before you are feeling hot and happy.  Just make sure you wrap up warm before hitting the 2 minute sprint back to the car then head home for some healthy foods!


It’s simple to make housework into a workout that counts.  Using HIIT techniques you can up your pace as you get to grips with the vacuum.  Take short hard runs up the stairs to clean your bathroom and then make like Karate Kid and ‘wax on, wax off’ as you clean your surfaces.  Get imaginative and get your blood pumping.  A workout all depends on the effort you put in so maximise the potential of all your activities over winter and keep away from the drizzle!


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