You’re The Best Around: Smashing Through Plateaus & Getting Back In Shape



It comes as no surprise to most people that working out is hard. Tracking your progress, summon the discipline to get out of bed and go while limiting your calorie intake is a full lifestyle change it takes real grit and determination to achieve. Everyone understands that it’s necessary, yet only a minority take the initiative to do it.


You’ve probably noticed from your own on-off relationship with the gym, sometimes it’s hard to keep a solid schedule. Sometimes life gets in the way. However, there are indeed ways you can promote your own self-reliance and romanticise your relationship with the gym. Sometimes this involves simple methods. Sometimes it’s best to have the right equipment. If you follow the following tips, you’ll be more than happy to run back into the gym and apply your whole work ethic to getting in shape, and you’ll be doing it gladly, with increasing ease.


Meditate before the gym.


Meditation has been proven to lower cortisol, increase focus and stimulate awareness. Three things that would benefit you greatly to hold during your workouts. Having less stress is self-evident, you can do your best work when you’re free to focus on the task in front of you. Increasing focus does the same thing. But stimulating awareness, (and memory to we might add,) works in the same way by creating a crystal clear understanding of how your workout progressed, without the memory getting lost in the mental fog of sweaty exercises. Half an hour of mindfulness a day is more than enough.


Keep the correct equipment.


If you’re a weightlifter, this can be as simple as bringing your own chalk with you to promote your grip on the barbells. Note that if you do decide to bring it, it’s probably best to bring wet wipes in order to wipe the chalk off the bar, as some gyms don’t take kindly to having it on their equipment.


If you’re a runner, it can be as simple as making sure your footwear is still in great condition, bringing with you the right playlist, or holding smart fitness gadgets from places like to really take your workouts to the next level.


Both of these tips can help those of all disciplines, so be sure to lend a prying eye to every aspect of your gym experience, you’ll be surprised at how the little things add up.


Take a friend.


Like meditation, it’s been proven that embarking upon an activity with a friend you trust can also lower your cortisol. You feel safer when you’re not alone. It has also been proven that attending the gym with a friend can improve your reliability, because it’s not just you you’re letting down during a skipped workout, but can increase safety. Having a spotter while you’re bench pressing really is important, and a friend can provide all of this without the premium price of hiring a personal trainer.


You don’t even need to bring a friend to follow the same routine as you, it’s perfectly fine if you’re a runner and he’s a weightlifter, it’s being in the same building and tracking each others progress that counts.


Follow these tips and you can revolutionise your gym experiences. Instead of dragging yourself to the gym after work, you’ll be tempted to go before, at the crack of dawn, and set yourself up for the day perfectly. That might seem like an alien concept right now, but you’ll be surprised what kind of person regular gym practice will help you become.

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