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Time is running out to get in shape for summer and make sure you’re beach body ready. After all, a lot of us will have already booked are sunny vacation spots, and soon we will be attempting to squeeze into the bathing suits that definitely fitted last year. You might think that starting a workout routine now to get in shape for summer is pointless.


Thankfully, it is possible to get fit and look fine in just thirty days!. In under a month, you could have that perfect body for the beaches and make everyone else drool. So, what do you need to do to ensure you’re ready to show off that toned tum?


Exercise Everyday

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Stop pretending that it’s okay to miss out a few days of exercise. If you’re looking to tone the muscle you already have this might work in your favor. However, those of us looking to drop a dress size or shed a few pounds really need to be working out at least once a day. Ideally, you should be completing to fitness routines, one in the morning and one just before bed.


Don’t go easy with these fitness plans. They need to vigorous with very little time resting in between sets. If you aim for about ninety seconds of rest between each set, you’ll be on the right track. This will give you enough time to recover without losing the momentum.


To exercise as much as possible, you really want to make sure your home is properly kitted out. For instance, you can consider looking at the website from Indoor Training Bikes. This provides all the indoor exercise equipment you could possibly want with enough gear to create a home gym.


All Body Workouts

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To lose the most weight, you need to think about full body workouts. Rather than just focusing on one area of your body this will help you tone up every part at the same time. An example of this type of exercise would be mountain climbers.


To do this, start in the position of a press up. Then, while keeping your back straight move your knee up to your stomach as though you were climbing a mountain. Repeat the exercise with each leg at least ten times before stopping.


At the end of the full set, you should find that your legs, arms, and torso all feel a little firmer.


Take Dieting Seriously

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With a strenuous workout, you should start to see real results in just two weeks. However, if things aren’t going according to plan, it is usually because there’s an issue with your diet. A lot of people cheat themselves when dieting with off days and treats.


Doing this will have a similar effect to yo-yo dieting. Any weight that you take off will go right back on again. Eventually, your body just won’t bother removing the weight at all leaving you in an epic struggle to drop any pounds.


To avoid this, go all in with your diet, using a healthy meal plan and cutting out any so called rewards. Your real reward will be looking in the mirror and loving your body thirty days from now. Goodluck!

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