Accounting For Taste

Most people who cook don’t really have any love for what they do. It’s a necessity, but it’s one that many feel they’re not getting the full benefit from. But there isn’t a huge amount of difference between the levels of cooks. Once you get a grasp of technique, you aren’t a big step away from making meals that you truly adore. What is that step? Learning what flavor truly means in a meal. So, let’s look at three ways you can really explore a new world of flavor.


Don’t think all seasoning is the same

The sooner you learn to be a bit more particular with where you choose to source your seasoning from, the sooner you learn what vinegar, what olive oil, what cumin, and what paprika is really supposed to taste like. There’s no pretense here, it’s all about freshness. There are different times to use dried seasoning and fresh seasoning. If you want a subtle taste, then infuse the dish with dried seasoning early in the cooking. If you want the flavors brighter and fresher, then freshness is the key. Beyond building up that worthy stockpile of spices on the rack, look into artisanal ingredients providers where you know you can find it fresh.

Get more from your ingredients

Seasoning can give the overall context of a meal, but the quality of ingredient and how you choose to prepare it has just as much of a say, as well. If you really want to get into cooking, then you should look at new ways to cook it. If you’re making chicken, for instance, take the time to grill it, to pan-sear it, and even boil it. Take the approach of cooking every ingredient in every possible way. It’s not just for meats, either. For instance, by learning more on the Bradley smoker here:, you can see that it’s more than possible to add plenty of smoky flavor to peppers just as it is with chicken. The more you build your knowledge on individual ingredients, the more versatile your choices in recipes. If you think smoked chicken would work better than pan-seared, for instance, then you have the confidence to swap out those parts of the recipe.

Up your condiment game

The ingredients are the building blocks of a meal and the seasoning might serve as the soul of it. But meal preparation should go beyond cooking it, as well. As you can read at, getting more educated on condiments and trying them out with different meals can help you add a unique accent at the end of them. It’s unfortunate that the only condiments present in most households are things like bottled ketchup. Make your own choices and present them as part of the meal itself.

Experimentation is the key. You have to be prepared to find that your theories are wrong but to take a leap on them anyway. Get to know your ingredients, your seasoning, and your condiments. It’s a long process but it’s a fun one once you start discovering tastes you utterly adore.

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