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Working out can be hard, but also a lot of fun too. You get to set your own goals and objectives, and then work your way towards reaching them. And you don’t even have to tell anyone. You workout because you want to. Because you want to see an improvement in not only your physical appearance, but your health too.


It’s important to have the right gear with you though, so you are able to get the best results (and experience) while getting that sexy body you want. So if you’re ready to look better, feel better and breathe better – here’s what you need to make that happen.



Sweatbands aren’t available just to make you look like a pro – they do actually have an important purpose, which is to absorb the sweat you have so it doesn’t trickle down your face and annoy the hell out of you! They are available for your head and also your wrists, and will catch any sweat beads so you don’t end up getting distracted. The cool thing about these are that they come in all different colors and styles, so you really can pair them up to match your overall look. Here’s a list of top sweatbands that are currently on the market today.


Hair bands

Girls, you know it’s impossible to work out with your hair down. You may start out okay, until you become hot and sweaty, and the little strands of hair stick to your face and the back of your neck – not cool! So always have a couple of hair bands so you can tie your hair back and out of the way. The last thing you want to do is get ready for your session, only to realize you haven’t got a band.


Headphones and music

This is what will keep you sane. We all know by now how powerful music actually is. It makes us feel different emotions in the space of a second. It boosts our confidence, makes us feel sexy, and relates to every different experience we’ve gone through. – So imagine when you’re working out! Whether you’re running, boxing, or training in the gym, listening to your favorite tunes will give you that extra oomph you may need to push yourself even further and finish the last two reps with power.

If you haven’t already, it’s a good idea to create yourself a workout playlist on your phone, full of those hardcore motivational tunes to keep you going.



This can be for your back, your wrists, or your knees, etc. A support is usually a strong piece of lightweight material, which contains thick fibers inside. This is then wrapped around the area, and fastened with velcro. It holds that body part tightly, so you keep it in the right position while working out. A back support will help you keep a straight back, while a knee and wrist support will give you some additional strength when lifting, so you reduce the risk of injuring yourself. Even if you don’t have a problem yet, it’s still a good idea to wear supports, more so when lifting weights, as it just keeps everything where it needs to be.


Water bottle

Always, always, always, have a water bottle with you. Even if it’s empty – there are always going to be places you can fill it up. Without a bottle, you won’t have a constant reminder with you, telling you to drink. Drinking water, in general, is essential to keep you fit and healthy. So when you’re working out and sweating, you’re losing all of that vital liquid, meaning you will dehydrate a lot quicker than normal. You have to do all you can to stop this from happening, because not only will you get thirsty, but you will be making yourself ill and could risk passing out. All this can be avoided by keeping hydrated.



Don’t even think about working out if you don’t have the appropriate footwear. Even if you just plan on going for a brisk walk around the block – you need the right gear on your feet. Think about it – not only are you hitting hard, cement floor with every step you take, but your feet are what carry you along every single day and support the whole weight of your body. Proper exercise trainers are specifically made to hold your feet in the correct position, while giving you the movement you need without causing you any pain or blisters like other shoes might.



Every girl needs a good pair of leggings to rock. They should be made out of synthetic fibers as a pose to cotton, so that your skin is able to breathe, especially because you’ll be getting hot and sweaty. Plus they’re nice and tight around your bum and legs so they’ll almost feel like a second skin, meaning you have easy access when working out because nothing is getting in the way like it would if you were wearing baggy sweatpants.



You may think that the socks you wear are irrelevant, but they are actually pretty important. Ordinary socks have seams in, and if worn when working out, will irritate the hell out of your skin because of the friction you will be causing. Gym socks, on the other hand, have been carefully crafted, so they are completely seamless and are able to move sweat away from the skin by evaporating it quickly. Leaving your feet damp-free and comfortable.


Now you see the importance of all these little things; you can get right on your way to becoming a toned up beauty. Remember that the most important thing is feeling good about yourself, and regular exercise does that. Even the act of working out is able to stimulate the brain, causing chemicals to be released called endorphins. These are what make you feel happy and at times even euphoric. So if you’re feeling down in the dumps, get your body moving. Stick on some of your favorite tunes and dance away your troubles, girl!

U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Megan Stanton, 366th Medical Operations Squadron medic, runs laps on the base track after a swim at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho, July 11, 2013. (U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Samuel Morse)


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