You Don’t Need The Gym To Get In Shape

If you are currently on a mission to get yourself in good shape, then you are probably trying a number of different things in order to get that goal. One common attempt that people make is to join the local gym and go to classes and sessions a few times a week. The thing about gyms is that, although such classes might well help you with your goals, you can almost always do the same kind of exercise outside of the gym for much less money and still as efficiently. Sometimes, it will end up being entirely free, and the results will still be fantastic. To show you why the gym might not be necessary, let’s look at some gym-less fitness regime ideas.

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Staying Home


First of all, there is always a surprising amount that you can do just while staying in your home. Your home is a potentially fantastic location for getting yourself into shape, and it is worth learning how to make the best use of the space that you can, even if you want to occasionally go the gym anyway from time to time. The first thing to bear in mind here is that you can do DVD workouts in order to tone your body and get in shape a little quicker. These days, you can even just use YouTube, and not have to pay anything at all to exercise in your home. One thing you might find comes in handy is a yoga or exercise mat, but apart from that there will probably be little to no expenditure at all.


Exercising at home is great too for those who feel a little embarrassed about their bodies. If you are struggling to work up the courage to be seen in the gym, then working out at home can be a great way to gradually get into that fitness mode without having to worry about such concerns. Then perhaps in time you can find yourself going to the gym, if you want to, or you could just continue to exercise at home. Even if you just do the latter, you will still be able to make huge strides in changing your appearance and feeling fitter as much as you would like to. Consider exercising at home a must if you are hoping to avoid paying for the gym.

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Get Some Supplies


If you are going to be on a real mission, it might be helpful to get hold of a few supplies to help you out with your fitness. Some essentials would probably be a couple of dumbbells and other small workout items like that. You will also want to think about what you are wearing, and whether you will be able to find something that you are comfortable sweating in for an hour at a time. Having a particular workout outfit also has the distinct advantage of anchoring you to the task at hand. Every time you go to put that outfit on, it will make you want to exercise more, and you will find that this is a useful and necessary little psychological boost when you are hoping to improve your own motivation.


Beyond those supplies, you will also want to make sure that you are stocking up on food and that you are happy with whatever water you have. If you like, you could consider filtering your tap water, as this has been shown to help in the aid of digestion, along with a number of fitness-related concerns, and could make a surprising difference. Similarly, be sure to keep your home stocked up on fruit, vegetables, nuts and other wholesome whole foods. You need to approach your fitness from all angles if you are to bring about the changes that you want to see.

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Get Out


Avoiding the gym does not just mean exercising at home, however. You will also find that there is plenty you can do in your local area to stay fit, so you can get some real exercise in the open air and not be holed up inside all day – which is not much good for you mentally or physically anyway! A good starting point here is to go cycling, as that can be a great cardiovascular workout and it also helps to build and tone muscle too. At the same time, it will build your core strength, so you can’t really go far wrong with this as an option.


When you do start cycling, make sure you bear the important issue of safety in mind. Cycling on public roads can be dangerous, and you need to ensure you are wearing the necessary safety clothing and gear. You should also look into finding a Michael Kelly bicycle lawyer and getting hold of some basic bicycle insurance, so that you don’t have to worry about safety as you ride. With those concerns dealt with, you can just focus on cycling and getting fit.


As well as cycling, you might want to think about taking up running or jogging, which is another fantastic open-air opportunity for improved fitness. The great thing about jogging as a fitness pursuit is that it is easy to pick up. Everyone knows instinctively how to jog, so you know what you are doing. Even still, you will probably find that you need to learn a little about some of the techniques in order to get as much out of it as you can.

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To run effectively, keep your head straight and back straight, and hold your hands in loose fists at around chest height. As you run, you want to focus on what your breath is doing. If possible, keep it regular, and use this as the tempo for your jogging. If you breathe deeply through the mouth and into the belly, you will be giving yourself a mini cardio workout along with the bigger workout of the run itself, so that is worth doing too.


By following the above, you can be in a great position to get in shape without ever having to grace the gym. Get started today and see what you might be able to achieve this year.

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