Making Healthy Resolutions for 2018


Since September of 2016, I have made losing weight a priority in my life and have continued to make progress towards my health and wellness goals. After years of struggling to lose weight I finally figured out a method that worked for me.

And that was stepping on the scale! I spent less time at the gym and more time focused on what I was eating and it has made a HUGE difference.

I am happier and more in love with my body than ever. If you think about a scale that gives you more than just your weight it makes stepping on less defining and intimidating. And that has been my experience with the Nokia Body + Scale.

The Nokia Body + Scale is Wi-fi enabled and allows me to get a comprehensive view of my health with the Health Mate app on iOS or Android. With highly accurate weight, BMI, body fat percentage, water percentage, muscle and bone mass along with cardiovascular health.


It even has a sleek look so it fits in well with your home decor!


Try out the Nokia Body + Scale for yourself, with a full body composition you can pinpoint and target your efforts the right way!

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