SuperSana Be your own Superhero Thu, 20 Jul 2017 10:54:29 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Making Fitness Fun: The Real Way To Stay In Shape Sun, 21 May 2017 02:00:37 +0000 Continue reading ]]> We all know we need to be doing enough exercise for good health, but sometimes working out can feel like a huge chore. Dragging yourself out of bed in the morning to go to a crowded gym or go running in the rain takes a lot of motivation- and it’s so easy for that to dwindle over time. To really stick at something it needs to be fun and enjoyable, something you want to do instead of having to force yourself every day! Here are some ideas to consider.

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Go Swimming

Swimming burns a massive amount of calories, but it’s low impact and easy on the joints. Plus it generally doesn’t feel like as hard work as other exercises, probably as you’re not getting sweaty and overheated! Whether you swim laps or just head to the pool to splash around with family and friends, it gets your body moving and helps to sculpt and tone the muscles. For something more strenuous, you could consider an aqua aerobics group.



Dance is fun and energetic, it teaches you new skills such as better balance and coordination, and you’ll be enjoying yourself so much it won’t feel like exercise. You could consider anything from Zumba to Clubbercise to dance your way to better health. It could be ballroom dancing, street dancing or whatever else you like the idea of! Many dance studios have lessons for various different styles, so you could check out what’s available local to you and give it a go.


Work Out From Home

Do you avoid exercise because you feel self-conscious or insecure about your looks? Maybe you don’t have the time to get out of the house for a couple of hours multiple times a week. If you have children, you have to sort childcare and things out which can make things a little more difficult. If this is the case, why not work out at home instead? There are loads of fitness DVDs and Youtube videos out there which can make exercise fun. You could purchase a games console fitness expansion like a Nintendo Wii Fit, a Playstation Kinect or even a dance mat if you have any old school consoles lying around- you can find them quite cheaply on eBay!


Play Sports With Friends

Activities or sports with friends always makes them more fun. You get a good bit of friendly competition, plus you can see the people that matter to you as well, so you kill two birds with one stone. Forget the night at the cinema or at the bar, round up a group and play some basketball, football, hockey or cricket together. You could even go rock climbing or paintballing- not the typical sporting activities you might first think of but are loads of fun and will have you working hard.
Make exercise fun and you will keep the weight off and stay healthy and toned. It will never feel like you’re having to use every last ounce of motivation you have and instead you will have a blast.

Remember, Exercise Is About More Than Losing Weight Sun, 21 May 2017 01:32:07 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Most of the time, when we talk about exercising and getting fit, we tend to focus on one thing only. All the marketing for diets and routines are talking about the same thing. Weight. We put way too much focus on whether or not we’re light enough. The fact is, however, that our health isn’t defined by how much we weigh. It plays a role, but there are other standards that our bodies and lives should try to meet. Here, we’re going to look at what you might be missing from your exercise routine.



This should be a regular part of your routine no matter what you’re doing. If you haven’t found out yet, then you will soon discover that injury always plays a risk when you start focusing more on exercise. To save yourself from the risk of injury, you have to take more care to ensure that you’re ready for an exercise. Stretching extensively and warming up with a quick bit of cardio gets your body limber and ready to really move. Similarly, you have warm down and stretch after you exercise again. Otherwise, you put not just your muscles but your joints at risk because of how tense your body is. If you do end up injuring yourself, then you just need to take it a little slower. However, don’t take time off exercise entirely. You can not only lose your progress, but too much bed rest exacerbates a workout injury as opposed to helping it.

Range of mobility

Of course, you’re a lot less likely to hurt yourself the more flexible and mobile you are. Fail to take care of your range of mobility and your regular exercises might end up becoming harder and harder. Stretching exercises like yoga aren’t just great for mobility but for building some strength which we’ll cover soon. Yoga isn’t just a ‘hobby’. As shows, it has a whole range of health benefits. They can even go beyond the physical and help you combat stress or anxiety.


Strength matters, too

As hinted in the previous point, every woman should be concerned about strength training. Muscles aren’t just for guys. They play an important role in fighting off the aches and pains that we’re all going to feel as we grow older. It is true that it takes more effort for women to build muscle than men, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Even increasing repetitions of bodyweight exercise can help you see results. Contrary to popular belief, investing in a little strength training won’t suddenly have you sprouting big, bulging muscles, either. Women can reach those peaks if they want to, but it takes hours of dedicated training. The worst that a regular muscle-building exercise will do is make you a little stronger.


Another common myth that needs to be dispelled is the idea of targeted weight loss. If you talk to any woman, they will likely have some ‘weak spots’ that they wish they could reduce fat on. Usually, the arms, the belly, the glutes, and the hips. But weight loss happens across the whole body. Just because you’re exercising a certain part doesn’t mean that you’re going to burn fat cells there. But there is a very good reason to diversify the areas of the body you work out with exercises like Weight loss isn’t targeted, but building strength and mobility is. If you don’t work there, you’re not going to build there.  Besides, if you stick to the same workouts day in and day out, the benefits are going to start dwindling as your body gets used to them. To keep achieving the best results, then you have to switch it up regularly.



Exercise is only one part of a healthy lifestyle, too. You can’t just workout with the intention of working off a bad diet. The truth is that diet will make around 80-90% of any visible differences to your body. It’s not just about controlling your portions or cutting on saturated fats and sugar, either. You have to make sure that you’re fueling your body with what it needs to exercise. If you work out on an empty stomach, your body draws protein from your muscles, meaning you can actually lose that hard-earned definition. Getting a healthy measure of carbs and protein after exercise helps your body repair any damage done during the workout, as well.

Developing an all-rounded routine goes a lot further than trying to hit a weight loss goal. It’s about crafting a lifestyle that will help you look better and feel better, not just for now, but for the future.


Your Morning Oatmeal Is Seriously “Yawn.” Do Something About It Fri, 12 May 2017 21:23:41 +0000 Continue reading ]]> It’s no secret that oatmeal can be a little boring. The worst is oatmeal that you make with water, put in the microwave for a couple of minutes and then wolf down before you rush out the door to go to work. But does it have to be this way?

Arguably, no. In fact, oatmeal can be a delicious and nutritious experience. Back in Tudor England, oatmeal wasn’t seen as the uninspiring staple it is today. Instead, the Tutors mixed it with imported spices like cinnamon from the Far East and dates from the Mediterranean to create a delicious dessert.

So if you’re worried about your oatmeal being a little boring, here’s how to sort it out.


Double Dark Chocolate Oatmeal

Putting chocolate on your oatmeal might sound like a bad idea. After all, why would you ruin an otherwise healthy meal by putting chocolate on it? If you put regular milk chocolate on your oatmeal, you’ll ruin the beneficial effects on your health. But if you smother it in dark chocolate, you’ll actually get a bunch of health benefits. Ancient Aztecs believed that cocoa was the fountain of youth. And recently, science has uncovered the fact that chocolate is one of the most complex foods in all of our diet.

Rolled Oats With Chopped Sauteed Apple



The next time you’re looking lovingly at your professional Kamikoto knife set, wishing you could put it to use, think “rolled oats with sauteed apple.” Apples and oats are a match made in heaven. But sliced sauteed apple and rolled oats are even better. Try cooking your apple in a maple sauce for added flavor.

Carrot Cake Oatmeal

Carrot and grains tend to go well together in general: think carrot cake. So why not try pairing carrot and oatmeal? Getting this recipe right requires a bit of practice, but with the right ingredients, you’ll be off to a yummy breakfast in no time.

You’ll need the usual assortment of spices if you want to make the most of it: ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon. And you’ll also need quite a bit of sugar to help make the whole thing a little sweeter and more breakfast-like. There’s a full recipe on Annie’s Eats.

Quinoa Porridge With Blueberries


If you’re a member of the clean eating revolution sweeping the West, you might want to try quinoa and get rid of oatmeal entirely. Quinoa, the South American grain, has been widely touted for its health benefits for decades, though it’s only recently that it’s become available in advanced countries, like the US. Now that it’s here, people are finding all sorts of uses for it, including as a replacement to porridge.

Wikimedia Commons


Preparing quinoa porridge takes a little more time and care than regular oatmeal. First, you’ll need to rinse the grains to wash off all the bitter saponins on their surface. If you don’t do this, it’ll taste sour, and you might end up with a sore tummy.


Next, cook the grains for about 15 minutes in simmering oat milk or water until the little tail on each grain detaches from the main body. Then sprinkle with your favorite toppings, like almonds, blueberries, and cinnamon.

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Don’t Be Surprised When You Start Turning Into Your Mom! Fri, 12 May 2017 21:18:19 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Don’t Be Surprised When You Start Turning Into Your Mom!

For every daughter, there’s a period in their life where the last thing they’d want to be is anything like their mom. Yet, as sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, at some stage, most daughters do go through a kind of metamorphosis and, to some extent, become like their mother.


Generally, becoming like your mom is something that creeps up on you; it’s not a conscious decision to adopt her ways of doing things and her ways of thinking. But take a look at yourself and see where the changes have already started to take place.

You’re the go-to girl

When you’re out anywhere, if anyone needs anything they turn to you, as they know you’re most likely to have it. It might be a tissue, a band-aid, a cough sweet… they know that purse of yours holds an endless supply of practical items. Whatever they need will be in your purse somewhere but you may just have to empty it out on the table to find what you’re looking for!


What you do in your free time
When you first got a games console and played Super Mario Bros you probably never imagined the day that you’d choose bingo instead. But that was probably before the existence of online bingo. The game has undergone a massive renaissance and is now a favourite way to spend five minutes’ down time for people of all ages – bingo is no longer a game reserved for the grannies.

As it’s accessible anywhere at any time via an internet connection, you can plunge yourself into the entertainment of a bingo game whenever you want – while you have a break from work, or are waiting for someone to meet you, for instance. And then there’s the social side – while playing online bingo at a site like Fabulous Bingo you might even meet your mom chatting with host Sparkles or Boris while playing a Bargain Bingo or a Bingo Linx game!

You start borrowing clothes from your mum’s wardrobe
In your teens and early twenties, borrowing an item of your mom’s clothing would be strictly a last-resort strategy, but this is another thing that suddenly changes from being unthinkable to really quite acceptable.

You still may not own the right outfit for every occasion, but these days, before you head out to buy something new, it crosses your mind to rummage through your mom’s wardrobe first.

Waste not, want not
One surefire way to check if you’ve become your mom is to take a peek inside the fridge. How full is it, and how much of the space being used is dominated by leftovers? You’ve become adept at recycling the remainder of a chicken into three different meals.

Not only that, but you also find yourself drawn to the plasticware section in the grocery store. You have this strange urge to increase your collection of storage boxes. And if anyone borrows one of your Tupperware, you keep a mental note to ask to get it back!

Gardening transforms from chore to pleasure


Remember all those summer days you’d be on the lounger watching your mom partake in some hardcore weeding in the garden? Why was she bothering, you’d muse? But don’t be surprised if you suddenly develop an interest in growing things and prettifying your outside space. Pretty soon you’ll be learning how to take plant cuttings and discussing how to grow perfect roses with your mom.

Family matters
Of course, family has always been important to you, but probably more in a “there for me when I need it” kind of way. There comes a time, though, when the family and the strength that it provides takes a front seat in life. Rather than squeezing a family commitment into your social calendar, you find you’re counting down to it. And you’re so proud of your family that you take down that edgy contemporary art print that you used to love so much in order to make space for a family photo wall.

There are always going to be little things that irritate a daughter about her mom (and vice versa). But the older you get, the more you’ll notice that you’re actually becoming the same person – and that actually, it’s no bad thing!

Brunch At Toosso Tue, 09 May 2017 16:36:10 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Last Saturday I had brunch plans at Toosso, a traditional and inexpensive Pakistani restaurant in the DMV with some friends that I grew up with.

As I’ve grown older and busier with life, work, hobbies, side hustles and personal goals I want to make sure I make time to meet up with the friends that I grew up with.

I’ve been to Toosso before for the standard Pakistani lunch that they serve many times before. However, I had been dying to try out their well known weekend fare.

The Toosso Weekend menu includes Halwa Puri (Traditional Pakistani breakfast, includes a delicious combo of halwa, channa, potatoes, yogurt salad, and hot puries), Nihari (Tender beef shank cooked in gravy with spices and herbs, served with naan) and Haleem (Lentils and beef slow-cooked with spices, garnished with lemon, ginger and fried onion.).

It is hard to find these dishes in most restaurants so I don’t get to enjoy them regularly.

I love how the utensil holder is wrapped up in an Urdu newspaper.

We each got our own Halwa puri tray and split the Haleem and Nihari. I loved the puri-it was like a fluffy totrilla, chickpeas, yogurt and the halwa. The potatoes were also good but nothing special. I also wish I had more than one puri to eat everything with. I also liked that the halwa was not super sweet and mixed well with the more savory sides.

On to the Haleem! This has to be one of my top favorite Pakistani dishes. The toppings are everything, cilantro, ginger, peppers, onions and the lemon. You can’t have haleem without these. The haleem was delicious, flavorful and not too spicy. Just as a heads up, the portion size is HUGE. Between the 3 of us it looked like we barely made a dent.
I’ve only had Nihari maybe 3 times in my life. We rarely eat red meat at home so my parents don’t make this dish at home.

The best part of this dish was how tender the meat was, I do wish we were given more meat pieces, however by this point I was getting pretty full and did not want to over eat.

On top of all the food we each enjoyed some tea, mango lassi and faluda-its made from mixing rose syrup, vermicelli, sweet basil seeds, and pieces of jelly with milk, often topped off with a scoop of ice cream ( the best one I’ve ever had). Go big or go home, right?

Great food and even greater conversation, this was the perfect weekend brunch!

Have you been to Toosso? Do you like Pakistani food?

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The Beginning Of Every Chef’s Journey Sun, 07 May 2017 18:30:52 +0000 Continue reading ]]>

Cooking is a skill that everyone should have in some shape or form. You don’t have to be a world-class chef, but you should know how to whip up a meal yourself without having to always rely on processed, packaged food that isn’t doing you much good. So, what does it take to get started, exactly?


Get to know the ingredients

First, you have to develop some knowledge of how to actually use the things you’re cooking. You might have a good idea of how something should taste but getting there is an entirely different question. One of the best ingredients to practice with is eggs. There are half-a-hundred ways to cook eggs and once you’ve mastered them, you’re a lot more equipped to take on new ingredients. Take the time to find the different way to cook individual ingredients by finding different meals that use them in new ways. You’ll get to learn the real flavor of them a lot quicker that way.

Take your tools seriously

You can’t expect to become a well-practiced home chef if you’re only willing to use the same old pots and pans you’ve been using for years now. It’s a bit of an investment, but there are the necessities like an iron skillet and a good set of knives. Every chef needs to build a collection of knives and thankfully there are plenty of good sets that come with the right one for every job. Then there are some tools that will make cooking a lot easier, like food processors and slow cookers. Each tool unlocks a whole plethora of new recipes to try so it really is worth it.


A broader perspective

You should always be sourcing new recipes to try, as well. It’s more than okay to have the few favorites you keep returning to. But learning how to read a recipe is an important stage of the cooking process. Get used to reading and studying recipes before you start cooking. Time can be sensitive when you’re actually cooking. Having to stop to pore over the cookbook or recipe app in detail can ruin a meal.

Practice the process

There are a few processes you want to practice thoroughly before taking on the more elaborate recipes, too. For instance, the right way to cook rice or how to properly roast vegetables. But then there are the processes that can save you a lot of time. For instance, many people won’t start cooking for themselves because they don’t want to have to spend the time cleaning up after. Notice how many good chefs tend to complain about that part of the craft? None of them do. Because they have all learned how to clean as they cook.

Getting into cooking initially can be a tough process. It’s a lot of new information and new methods to process. As with all things, however, the more you practice, the better you get at it. Before long, the things that seemed like a hassle, such as the right way to dice an onion or sear a meat, will barely warrant a second thought.

Foods For Workout Fuel: Your New ABC Tue, 02 May 2017 10:43:47 +0000 Continue reading ]]> When you want to fuel a car, you have to put gas into it or it’s not going to run. The same is true of the human body, but with food in place of a fossil fuel.


It therefore makes sense that if you are dedicated to your fitness and workout regime, you need to be using the best fuel possible. You need to be at the peak of physical health, fuelled and ready to go.


However – it’s not always that easy, is it? Looking for advice on healthy eating is like trying to catch bees with an eggcup. Sure, it’s technically possible, but it’s not going to be easy. Everyone has such different opinions on how, when, and what we should be eating – so how can you make sure you’re getting everything your body needs to maintain its fitness?


How about we keep it simple? One of the first things we learn as a child is our ABCs, and it just so happens that the same principle can help ensuring we’re eating the right kind of foods as well…


Vitamin A

Vitamin A is probably the least talked about of the three featured here. If mentioned at all, it tends to be in relation to eyesight.


There’s good reason for that: A is, indeed, responsible for keeping our eyes in good health. It’s thought that’s where the idea that eating carrots can help you see in the dark; because carrots are rich in vitamin A.


This aside, you’d be hard pressed to find a bodily process that doesn’t require sufficient vitamin A levels.


How To Get More


  • Vitamin A is best absorbed alongside a source of fat, due to it being a fat soluble vitamin.
  • Sweet potatoes, leafy greens, the aforementioned carrots, lettuce, and bell peppers are great options.
  • Use a kitchen knife to cut the vegetables into thin slivers, then fry in a source of fat (such as tallow or coconut oil) for a vitamin A rich meal.


Vitamin B


That should really be “vitamin Bs”, as what we call vitamin B is actually a collection of a variety of sub-vitamins, such as methylcobalamin (B12) and thiamine (B1).


These vitamins are responsible for the health of your nerves primarily, which impacts everything from brain function through to how well your limbs work. They are, simply, essential for anyone who is working out – especially if you drink a lot of water. As the B vitamins are water-soluble, if you drink a lot of fluids while working out, you could easily run low.


How To Get More


  • If you’re going to supplement, ensure you find “B Vitamin complex” rather than just “B vitamins”.
  • For food, look again for leafy greens such as spinach. If you are vegetarian or vegan, be particularly cautious – you’re more likely to have a deficiency due to the amount of B12 we absorb from meat.


Vitamin C

Perhaps the best known of the three mentioned, vitamin C is essential for joint and muscle health – as well as the immune system boosting properties it is known for. It’s a water-soluble vitamin so, again, if you consume a lot of fluids while working out, you might need to top up.


How To Get More


  • Smoothies are the best way to go.
  • Blend together any fruit with yellow or orange pigmentation in its skin or flesh. Oranges, grapefruit, and lemons are great options.

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Accounting For Taste Thu, 27 Apr 2017 00:35:10 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Most people who cook don’t really have any love for what they do. It’s a necessity, but it’s one that many feel they’re not getting the full benefit from. But there isn’t a huge amount of difference between the levels of cooks. Once you get a grasp of technique, you aren’t a big step away from making meals that you truly adore. What is that step? Learning what flavor truly means in a meal. So, let’s look at three ways you can really explore a new world of flavor.


Don’t think all seasoning is the same

The sooner you learn to be a bit more particular with where you choose to source your seasoning from, the sooner you learn what vinegar, what olive oil, what cumin, and what paprika is really supposed to taste like. There’s no pretense here, it’s all about freshness. There are different times to use dried seasoning and fresh seasoning. If you want a subtle taste, then infuse the dish with dried seasoning early in the cooking. If you want the flavors brighter and fresher, then freshness is the key. Beyond building up that worthy stockpile of spices on the rack, look into artisanal ingredients providers where you know you can find it fresh.

Get more from your ingredients

Seasoning can give the overall context of a meal, but the quality of ingredient and how you choose to prepare it has just as much of a say, as well. If you really want to get into cooking, then you should look at new ways to cook it. If you’re making chicken, for instance, take the time to grill it, to pan-sear it, and even boil it. Take the approach of cooking every ingredient in every possible way. It’s not just for meats, either. For instance, by learning more on the Bradley smoker here:, you can see that it’s more than possible to add plenty of smoky flavor to peppers just as it is with chicken. The more you build your knowledge on individual ingredients, the more versatile your choices in recipes. If you think smoked chicken would work better than pan-seared, for instance, then you have the confidence to swap out those parts of the recipe.

Up your condiment game

The ingredients are the building blocks of a meal and the seasoning might serve as the soul of it. But meal preparation should go beyond cooking it, as well. As you can read at, getting more educated on condiments and trying them out with different meals can help you add a unique accent at the end of them. It’s unfortunate that the only condiments present in most households are things like bottled ketchup. Make your own choices and present them as part of the meal itself.

Experimentation is the key. You have to be prepared to find that your theories are wrong but to take a leap on them anyway. Get to know your ingredients, your seasoning, and your condiments. It’s a long process but it’s a fun one once you start discovering tastes you utterly adore.

Life Cheats That’ll Make Your Job as Head of the Family a Lot Simpler Thu, 27 Apr 2017 00:26:51 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Does it feel like life’s getting on top you? Need some ways to make family life a little simpler? Well, there are lots of tricks and cheats out there that you can take advantage of right now. There’s no need to carry on in your bad habits if the arrangements you have in place are not working for your family. Here are some of those cheats and how they can help make your job as head of the family a lot simpler.


Turn Basic Tasks Into a Chance for Quality Time


Every parent needs to spend quality time with their children, as well as with their partner. But finding the time to make this happen is not always easy. When you already have a busy lifestyle to maintain, finding the time to spend with those people who are most important to you becomes a real challenge. One way to get around this is to turn the basic tasks that you take care of all the time into a chance for quality time. This could mean running errands with your kids or taking the time to talk to your partner while you cook a meal together. Those moments should be made the most of.

Image Source


Always Make the Most of Discounts and Offers


When you’re rushing around doing your parental duties, it’s tempting to just pay full price and accept that things in life are expensive. But maybe it doesn’t need to be that way. You can often save a lot of money on those items that your children want and needs if you stop to look for the best discounts and offers. For example, next time your son wants some new clothes, you could use a reebok promo code. Or you could take the time to compare deals when you’re buying a new item for the home. Investing a little extra time can really pay off in the long-term.


When it Comes to Healthy Mealtime, Have a Plan A and a Plan B


Every parent wants their children and family to eat healthy and nutritious meals each day. However, making that a reality is not always the most straightforward thing in the world. As we all know, kids can be demanding and challenging. Sometimes, they’ll like a meal one week and hate it the next. To get through those troublesome childhood years while feeding your kids the right foods, you need to always have a backup plan. If you have a second healthy option for when your son or daughter rejects the first can be a great idea.

Image Source


Make Every Decision a Joint Decision
Finally, you need to make sure that every decision that you make as a parent is a joint decision. When you ensure that both parents have their say, you can avoid conflicts and boost the consensus between you. You might think of yourself as the head of the family, but parenting always has to be cooperative. That’s just the way it is. And your life will be made so much easier if you parent together and genuinely operate as a team.

Step By Step: Why Walking Is The Perfect Workout! Tue, 25 Apr 2017 02:46:18 +0000 Continue reading ]]> When it comes to staying in shape, there are plenty of workouts that jump to mind. Your mind is filled with images of hitting the treadmill at the gym, straining under some hefty weights, or powering through the water at your local pool. However, there’s one kind of exercise that never really seems to get the credit that it’s due: walking. This comes from the idea that, unless you’re sweating like a pig or causing yourself some serious pain, you’re not getting a decent workout. Now, it hardly takes a fitness expert to realize that this is a completely ridiculous idea. After, any form of exercise can be incredibly useful as long as you’re doing it regularly and mixing it with a healthy lifestyle. But the benefits of walking don’t just stop there. There are plenty of reasons why walking might well be the best workout there is.


It’s easy

Picture Source


Let’s face it, could there be an easier exercise than walking? You don’t need any equipment, and you certainly don’t need any kind of special training. With the exception of those suffering from any form of disability that prevents them from walking, it’s the kind of exercise that just about anyone can do. It’s as simple as getting up off the couch and taking the time to be even slightly active. You can do it any time of day, no matter what you’re doing. You can do it during your lunch break; you can take the kids out to the park, so you all get some fresh air. There’s no better way to wake yourself up in the morning or to relax yourself before you go to sleep in the evening.


It’s low impact


Many people struggle with a lot of different types of workouts because of the fact that they can’t do much high-impact exercise. This could be because of any number of reasons, including age or a possible injury in the past. Fortunately, walking is exactly the kind of exercise that is perfect for anyone in this position. You get to set the pace and difficulty yourself by having control over where you walk and for how long. Not only that but there are things like trekking poles and specially designed footwear to take as much of the impact out of walking as possible. You’ll find that, as your strength grows, you’ll be able to adjust your walks to make them into more challenging and effective workouts.


It’s free

Picture Source


One of the most frustrating things is knowing that there’s a gym membership that’s just draining money from your bank account for no good reason. Either that or a bunch of expensive workout gear that’s just taking up space in your garage. The great thing about walking is that you don’t have to spend a penny on it. If you’re planning on making it into a serious workout, then you may want to invest in some decent apparel, after all, you don’t want to walk for miles at a time in hard, uncomfortable shoes. However, that kind of thing is hardly a prerequisite for being able to take on a more active and healthy lifestyle. Your workout space is anywhere you like, whether it’s taking a trip around the block near your house or perhaps hiking on one of the many nature trails that there are throughout the country. The world is big and varied enough that you’ll always be able to find somewhere enjoyable to spend your time while staying in shape.


It burns calories


Cardio should be the cornerstone of any workout. Now, it’s certainly true that there are problems with making cardio the only kind of exercise that you do but many people aren’t in a position to start lifting heavy weights, and it’s better to do some exercise rather than giving up entirely because you’re not in a position to work out in what some people consider to be the “optimal” way. Walking burns a lot of calories considering how low impact it is. It gets your heart pumping and your muscles working hard, helping you lose weight and keep it off.


It builds muscle

Picture Source


The issue that a lot of people have with cardio-centric workouts is that they claim they don’t help you build enough muscle. Now, there’s no doubt that walking isn’t going to build muscle as effectively as lifting weights, but those two different workouts are aiming for two different things. If you’re looking to bulk up then yes, strength training is ideal, but if you’re looking to lose some weight, build stamina and tone yourself up, walking is still an incredibly effective workout. Even as a low-impact workout, walking still helps you build a lot of muscle in your lower body as well as helping you slim down.


It keeps your brain working


We spend huge amounts of our lives sedentary, and that can have a serious negative impact on people’s ability to think intelligently and creatively. Sitting around all day, doing nothing can leave you feeling slow, tired and frustrated. Plenty of research shows that walking regularly can help clear your mind and get your creative juices flowing more easily. If you’re at work and you feel as though you’re getting stuck on a tricky problem, take some time to go for a short walk, and you’re likely to find yourself feeling much more inspired.
So don’t assume that walking is a workout that’s only really worthwhile for anyone who can’t do other things. As effective as gyms and specialized equipment can be, they can often just end up being more of a barrier to your workout than anything else. By taking things back to basics and starting with a simple, small workout like taking a twenty-minute walk every day, you’ll be able to get to grips with keeping fit far more easily. Over time you might increase the lengths of your walks or even start to incorporate more intense exercise into your daily workout, but it’s important never to push yourself harder that what you’re capable of.