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Our products are produced and dispatched by Spreadshirt, the platform for custom t-shirts.


I would like to share a bit of my closet with you, I have a few gently used Indian Clothes that I would like you to have in your closet!

  • All outfits have been gently used
  • All outfits will come with 3 parts, top, pants and shawl
  • All payments will be made via Paypal/ check
  • Please e-mail me at supersana786 at {gmail} {dot} {com} with the outfit number you would like to purchase!


Outfit #1 $30IMG_0407



Outfit #2 $25


image Outfit #3 $25




Outfit #4 $30



Outfit #5 $30


image Outfit #6 $25


Outfit #7 $25


Outfit #7 $40

image Outfit #8

Also available in red and gold combination $40


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  2. Riva says:

    He looks so Precious you need to come and see me and just not mom when you come down to Idaho Falls. I was sad when you just went and saw mom last week. I want to hold him to! He is so cute..I’m still his favorite aunt tghouh even tghouh I’ve only held him once! Hope your getting some sleep.Love you!

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