Workout From Home: It Can Be Done

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If you want to keep fit but prefer to stay indoors – it can be done. There’s no excuse not to find exercises that you can do from your own home. You could even turn your spare room into a gym if you really wanted to.

Whatever you decide on, here’s a list of the best exercises and workouts that can be done in the comfort of your own home.



Weight Lifting

Lifting weights are great if you want to build up your muscle mass, but if you haven’t done it before it’d be wise to start off with relatively light weights, as you can always increase them later on. If you plan on doing some dead weight lifting then you should always make sure you have someone to spot you, so bear this in mind when doing this from home. If no one’s in, you should probably consider doing them another time.

Weights are also good to use as a little resistance, especially for things like squats. Having something heavier than just your body will mean your squats will be working you even harder.





Running outside isn’t the only option you have. You could always invest in a top of the range treadmill. As long as you have the room, then it will be a perfect way to stay fit without having to leave your house, plus it’s just generally a very cool gadget to own.

Before buying one though, it’s a good idea to have a look at different reviews for the best treadmill out there, because you will have an awful lot to choose from. If you’re not a pro, you won’t understand all the different features they come with, which can make a big difference to your final decision.   





Yoga doesn’t have to be done as part of a group; you can fly solo with it.

If you know nothing about it, then have a look online. YouTube has hundreds and thousands of videos to watch. There are even virtual classes that you can follow. Once you have a general idea, you can start to put together your own routine that you can then do on a daily basis.

Yoga isn’t just good for the body, but the mind and soul too. So if you’ve been feeling down recently, this can be a great escape, and you don’t need much. The most important thing is a comfortable area, so getting a yoga mat will help with this.

Then you want make sure your environment is relaxing – free of stress, noise, and distraction. You can even play some calming music to really add to the vibe.



Now you have a few ideas; you can start to put them into practice. But don’t forget that although working out at home is great and hassle free, it is still important to get outside every now and again, even if it’s just for a little walk around the block. The fresh air and Vitamin D will do you good, and your body will thank you for it.

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