Attempted Workouts

Let’s be real I don’t really workout, but I do attempt to!

Read about my injury here. Post PT magical run.

Have any questions about physical therapy? Check out this post!

Actually, I just stole that bib form someone else who was running a local 5k, but it looks cuter on me!image

I just go to the gym to take cute pictures of myself.


I have all the “ I just worked out” poses down!

Picture 135

I once saw a group of people running down the street, and I started running with them because I thought something was happening… thankfully someone had a camera.


My job just happens to be a group fitness instructor…. So I feel qualified to write posts about working out.

Beginner’s Guide to Group Fitness


{WORKOUT} SuperSana Mini Boot Camp

{VIDEO} Ab Twist from my Ab Crunch Class

{WORKOUT} Jumping into Fitness

{VIDEO} Plank Walk with Side Planks

{POST} Exercise Science– How to get the body of your dreams.

{REVIEW} Beyond Barre at Potomac Pilates + Tasc Performance

I have also taken a few classes at L.A Boxing, you DON’T want to meet me in a dark ally.laaa

LA Boxing: Agility Move! 


LA Boxing Power Move


My local gym has a really nice bathroom, with huge mirrors. Sometimes I only go to the gym to check myself out!image8

I am also surprised when my body can keep up with all the other people taking fitness classes! Who knew?

My Body Knows Me Better Than I Do

I once got a medal for running a 5K. Be jealous.

Blogger 1/2 Marathon Relay Recap D.C

My let’s be real. I don’t workout. I just lay on the couch instead of hitting the gym.

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